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Batman - Absolution
102 pages | 71 мb.

Tags: Batman - Absolution Batman J.M. DeMatteis
The Dark Knight - after a decade of frustration - is in India. Having stalked his prey across the United States and Europe, Batman's sources tell him the architect behind the Wayne bombing, Jennifer Blake, is now in hiding there.In the course of a harrowing journey that takes him from the Taj Mahal to the hidden temple of a great Indian saint,
Planetary Brigade Vol.1 (TPB)
Planetary Brigade group of heroes, which are located on the square Captain Valor and Grim Knight. Meet Mr. Brilliant - The land has never met smarter or more smug hero. Goddess of the Earth - the day was sweet, humble wallflower, but when the Earth needs it, it turns into a giant guardian plane. Purring Pussycat - sweet, sexy ... she hiding? Third
Justice League - Gods & Monsters #09
Will our heroes heady learn to work together, or will be the first mission of the Justice League will be his last?
Justice League - Gods & Monsters #08
The battle for the future of humanity rages on and Imperiex angry faces three supermen! But it is hard to imagine a united front when all think they should be held accountable.
Justice League - Gods & Monsters - Wonder Woman #03
Dr. Psycho control over the safe haven found Becca brought her worst nightmare life. Routing it could bring her peace, she wanted to, but there is no guarantee that it can defeat him monstrous creation.
Justice League - Gods & Monsters - Wonder Woman #02
Restored health and intrigued by the fact that her mother showed her a box in the world, the New Gods Becca decides to stay and explore the land. But the entry into the community in the turbulent 1960 it will not be strange adventure!
Justice League - Gods & Monsters - Wonder Woman #01
Prequel to the DC Universe Movie Justice League: Gods and Monsters! Strange portal opens and the soldier comes out, chased terrible beast. By the time she won, Becca near collapse from exhaustion. One man had witnessed the battle, it will treat it as a god, it is, or a monster?
Justice League - Gods & Monsters - Superman #03
As a teenager, he taught Hernan Guerra overlook violence and injustice, so he could fit in. As a young man, he realized that his authority to offer him the opportunity to fix the world. It's time to let everyone know what's going on when the Man of Steel angry.
Justice League - Gods & Monsters - Superman #02
After he hurt his beloved older sister, Hernan can not trust their powers or herself. Years spent suppress their abilities instead of learning to control them will eventually lead to one rash act that threatens his family and his future!
Justice League - Gods & Monsters - Superman #01
Prequel to the DC Universe Movie Justice League: Gods and Monsters! Hernan Guerra knows exactly where he came from, but his parents are doing their best to raise him right. But while working on a series of farms makes hiding child with superpowers extremely difficult!
Justice League - Gods & Monsters - Batman #02
Batman Strikes fear into the hearts of evil men, but it is also hurting the police and ordinary citizens. Will the new friendship will allow him to find his lost humanity?
The Fox #05
31 pages | 60.9 мb.

Tags: The Fox Dean Haspiel Red Circle J.M. DeMatteis
NEW SERIES red circle ! From the world of the New Crusaders, comes fantastic debut top-flight FOX! Emmy Award-winning writer / artist Dean Haspiel ( Billy Dogma, HBO in Bored to Death ), and Eisner award-winning writer Mark Waid (Daredevil, Thrillbent) bring legendary pulp hero Fox style to life in "Freak Magnet, part one : True Face MyFace"! When
The Fox #04
36 pages | 80.2 мb.

Tags: The Fox The Shield J.M. DeMatteis
It's an epic fight between Fox and the mad king of diamonds in Freak Magnet: Part Four "Voodoo You Do!" Who will win the battle diamonds? And where is the queen? The answer will surely surprise you! Meanwhile, in "The Face of Hate, Part 3: mind Shattered Glass" Shield is on the verge of defeat at the hands of the mysterious and powerful hitter!
Farewell Moonshadow
Serves as a kind of epilogue to release a series of 12, the Moonshadow.
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