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Witchblade #170

Witchblade #170

Witch Blade - a weapon that gives unlimited strength and power of his master, but at the same time destroying his body. Men are looking for it, but can not master it. Blade subordinate women - physically and mentally well developed, have supernatural powers, it gives them the power - and the overwhelming desire to fight against a strong enemy ...
It is this weapon is the man wearing Masane Amah was in the center of the Great Disaster and the only suitable blade. When, after the great disaster Masane woke up on the ground with a small child in her arms, she could not remember anything of his past. With great trouble she and the child are living as a family, but there is no work, no money. After six years in Japan winding Masane and her "daughter" Rico returned to Tokyo center. Masane begins to feel the desire to fight, when he feels the approach of human-robot created by powerful special corporation. At the same time, the head of a department of the corporation hires Masane to destroy these robots. And oh, how the work is needed Masane, because otherwise it will take away a daughter!

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