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Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #01-04 Complete

Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #01-04 Complete

Since most of the enemies of Spider-Man busy arguing , Roy decides to finish beaten and helpless Spider-Man , closing his bees . Disappointed that he will not be the one to kill Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus leaves the battlefield, not knowing that his cousin Hargrove watches and desperately tries to stop him. Meanwhile, other baddies ; Vulture, Beetle, Stegron, Rhino, Boomerang, Strikeback and Leila Davis, fighting each other over nuclear Blaster. Strikeback Vulture shoots from the sky and explodes with a weapon Boomerang author. Beetle enough vacant truck and throws it to Leila , who catches it and throws it back in anger but she misses . She continues to beat the beetle in any case , its electrical and fire it into the ground.

Boomerang disposed Strikeback, when one of his boomerang , making it sick and beats him. When Leila tries to avenge paralyzed Beetle, Strikeback stops her , telling her that revenge is not the way to go. Suddenly Spider-Man wakes up , kicks from the bees Roy. Suddenly attacked Stegron Slayback, crushing it in a vise grip on his tail.

Meanwhile, in a secret laboratory of Dr. Octopus ' on the Lower East Side of New - York , Octavious finishes create a set Adamantiuma weapons. Before he donned a new weapon , the answer breaks in. Although he yelled at Otto Adamantiuma feet sneak behind and grab a superhero. Returning to supervillain battle weakened Vulture swoops in the capture blaster , but it kncoked from heaven Rhino, which takes blaster . Spider-Man suddenly rejected in Rhino, causing it to accidentally shoot blaster , hitting Swarm, killing him.

Back at the lab Octopus', Hargrove appears with a gun. Octopus wins Hargrove and easy answer, but before he can finish any of them gets the police. Octopus runs, but the response will be sent to the raft . Meanwhile Strikeback Stegron lesions with a headshot. Spider-Man arrives and tissues up Strikeback, but Leila uses open to blaster fire , only to find out that Rhino used it all when he accidentally killed Roy. Spider-Man captures Blaster but Strikeback and Leila teleport into the future. Man takes one last moment to look over the defeated super villains before leaving.

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