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Doom 2099 #01-44 + Special Complete

Doom 2099 #01-44 + Special Complete

In 2099 , we see two clans of Roma Zefiro , wires and Xandra, trying to sell some of the illegally obtained evidence on the streets Antikva Vilago, Latveria . The deal fell apart when the hovercraft guards patrol shoots buyer pursues Wire and Xandra in the desert.

They seek shelter in the ruins of an old castle , when they see a man in a raincoat and an armored suit, suddenly appear in a flash of energy. The man said to be in pain , then looks around wondering what happened to his castle. That is, when the guards catch up with wire and Xandra.

The guards tell all three to resign. A mysterious man is angry with told what to do . He asks, " Do not you know who I am ." He then blasts of energy from his glove , killing the guards , shouting : "I am dying ! . "

After a conversation with a wire and Xandra, Doom is looking for the current ruler of Latveria , Tiger Wylde. Tiger Wylde stanovitsyaTaro reading Fortune, Another Gypsy clan Zefiro, when Doom blasts his way in. Doom confronts Wylde, who do not believe the claim to the Duma , the former ruler of Latveria , and quickly finds his armor be outdated technology.

Wylde defeats Doom , Doom badly injuring a person in the process, and orders his henchman area to find out who sent this alleged killer. Fortune says that she will send the body of Destiny to be investigated , but instead she takes his body in her gypsy camp , claiming that the tarot cards to tell her that he is valuable.

Destiny awakens vtsygansky camp . He porazhaetsoyuz with Roma , having learned that they Zefiro, as he did. The wire looks like in Doom armor can be upgraded and finds some prototype technology created on the island run by Pixel Corporation.

Destiny leads his Roma plane , which he hid in the mountains for a long time . Then they fly to an island off the coast of Peru, which is the secret object of study pixel. They just time getting inside , because they discover someone recently broken in. However, they find Dr. Quinones , who they came to see .

Dr. Doom has quinones its freedom from debt bondage to the pixel , in exchange for the use of its advanced technology at him. She agrees to perform surgery on the massive destruction. During the operation, Doom dreams pain and wonders whether it is really Victor Von Doom .

Destiny upgraded sCybermesh interface between its new nanotechnology improve brain and his new armor lanxide adamantium . It is lighter, stronger and more powerful than his old armor. Then he says: " Doctor Doom is dead. Long live death " .

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