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Amazing Spider-Man #301-350

Amazing Spider-Man #301-350

After Peter defeats Venom ( latest edition ) , he returns to his original red and blue uniform , so as not to cause further injuries MJ.


In connection with some of the latest patches on their selfish record , coupled with the responsibility to be the cornerstone of the economy Symkarian , Silver Sable adopted a " degrading" of the testing of high-tech security systems for buildings Pruett. The owner, Jason Pruett, hired Frank Cruz for the development of the security in question. Cruz does not suit testdikoy pack, he wants Silver to check it out . He feels that it will be a real test of their system to someone 's reputation Silver. Pruett agrees and offers a very big bonus for her participation. She reluctantly accepts their offer , if only to help his country.

Peter and Mary Jane are settling into their apartment Bedford tower when they have to leave for work . MYufoto cover to shoot and Peter to join dlyafotografii class as ESU Symkarian He stops at the embassy on his way to a sliver ask why she sent her wild pack for him lately . Her reply , " Someone hired me to do it. Duplicity " does not sit well with him. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Pruett and Cruz to complete his contract with earlier that morning. Spider-Man gets a strange feeling from them, but too angry with silver to prevent it.

After their meeting , they come into the building Pruett. Pruett perehodittesta with silver. The building was cleared. She is to make her way to the top of the building , avoiding the security measures, and then press the alarm button in the security room to indicate that it has completed the test.

Later, after learning photography class was full, Peter wants to satisfy his curiosity about customers Sable . He finds Pruett be legal , but Cruz is a mystery. After some searching through the apartment Cruz, he believes that Frank Cruz actually Franz Kraus, synumershego Nazi war criminal Sable and her Wild package sent to prison years ago. Spider-Man also reveals plan for Kraus Silver: he changed the missile systems to use lethal responses during the test Silver.

He makes his way into the building Pruett and eventually convinces Silver Kraus plans to kill her , despite her insistence that he's trying to get her to fail as payback. When her squad deaktivirovalvzryvchatyh Kraus substances prepared for it , Pruett assures her he did not know her and that she will receive a fee. He also instructs her to capture Kraus . Spider-Man did not ask for help in any way .

When Peter returns home , he finds Martin Jacoby spoke with Mary Jane. Mr. Jacobi is a representative for online research in Emporia, Kansas. On the recommendation of Curt Connors, came to Peter, is offered a job as chief assistant in their experimental department .

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