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Zombies vs. Robots Omnibus #1 - TPB
Zombies! Robots! War! Throw in some Amazons and you’ve got everything you need to know! Collects all of the series by co-creators Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood plus Aventure and Undercity. Also includes the short prose story “Meaner Than A Junkyard Dog.”
Xena Warrior Princess - Omnibus Vol.1
Xena: Warrior Princess returns! Dynamite Entertainment proudly collects the swashbuckling Xena comic book adventures from 2006-2007, including the complete "Contest of Pantheons" and "Dark Xena" storylines written by bestselling writer John Layman (Chew), plus the special "Strange Visitor" story from Xena Annual #1. Join Xena and her fan-favorite
The Shadow - Year One Omnibus Vol.1
The Shadow has enjoyed nearly a century of enduring popularity as the first and greatest hero from the golden age of pulp magazines. Here, for the first time, is unveiled the origin story of how the Master of Men returned to America following his many adventures abroad in the aftermath of World War I. How did Lamont Cranston launch his legendary
Nexus Omnibus Vol.8
350 pages | 525.6 мb.

Tags: Nexus Omnibus, Nexus, Omnibus, Dark Horse
Created by Mike Baron and Steve Rude, Nexus is a superhero/science-fiction masterpiece! This value-priced omnibus collects Nexus: The Wages of Sin #1–#4, Nexus: Executioner’s Song #1–#4, Nexus: God Con #1–#2, Nexus: Nightmare in Blue #1–#4,and Nexus Meets Madman! Multiple Eisner Award winner! Over 350 pages! Featuring a guest appearance from
Mercy Sparx - Omnibus Vol.1
403 pages | 835.8 мb.

Tags: Mercy Sparx - Omnibus, Mercy Sparx, Other comics, Omnibus
Finally, the past seven years of Mercy Sparx comics are all in one easy-to-read package. Four hundred pages! Heaven's secret bounty hunter is actually a Devil working on their side. Disguised as a human living on Earth, she hunts down rogue angels, doing Heaven's dirty work. Collects the original miniseries, issues #1-9 of the ongoing series, and
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