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Spawn: The Movie Adaptation
52 pages | 32 мb.

Tags: Spawn, Todd McFarlane, Image, Movies, adaptations
In 1997, a film adaptation had Michael Jai White as Spawn. The making of a sequel has been discussed along with a reboot with McFarlane himself directing.
Smallville - Harbinger #4
24 pages | 15.7 мb.

Tags: Smallville - Harbinger, Movies, TV, Superhero, Bryan Q. Miller
If Trigon breaks into our world, chaos will reign eternal! But Zatanna and Constantine have a plan to rescue the young girl, whose sacrifice will bring that about ...
Smallville - Titans #02
Back to school Garrick, young Titans regroup. But when a mysterious figure who set up the events of the attack on the pier, everything falls apart! "Titans" Part 2 of 4.
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