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Bandette #14 (2016)

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Year of release: 2016

Pictures: 21

A new chapter begins in a brilliant career Bandette, the greatest thief in the world! Scarlet dressed young adventurer enjoys a little light entertainment in the theater, and leaves with a priceless treasure that can hold the key to the mystery of a legendary: the secret of the house green mask! However, while the Absinthe and the cartel offense,

Tags: Bandette, Daniel, Madame Revolver, Robin Hood, Monkeybrain

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Night of the Red Panda #10 (2016)

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Year of release: 2016

Pictures: 27

All new, awkward pulp adventure Fantastic couple from Toronto! The question: "Monkey see, monkey do pt 2 of 2" Red Panda and flying squirrel face of the city has gone mad ... literally When the mind of one of its deadliest enemies broadcast with hundreds of citizens of Toronto! , Terrific Twosome Toronto are up to their armpits in the sinister

Tags: Night of the Red Panda, Flying Squirrel, Red Panda, Monkeybrain

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