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What If? - Infinity - TPB
110 pages | 212.3 мb.

Tags: What If - Infinity, Infinity, Marvel, TPB
One incredible event, infinite possibilities! Prepare to discover five ways INFINITY could have led to a very different fate for the Marvel Universe. Imagine if Thanos had joined the Avengers in their war with the Builders. Or if Black Bolt had seized the opportunity for the Inhumans to rule Earth. The Avengers easily could have suffered crushing
Terminator 2: Infinity (1-7 series) Complete
7 issues pages | 83 мb.

Tags: Terminator 2, Infinity, Terminator
Set after Skynet launched a nuclear attack on mankind, John Connor must find it in himself to face his destiny and lead the resistance against the Terminators.
Infinity (HC)
The most anticipated blockbuster cosmic event of the year comes as the Marvel Universe marches into infinity ! Thanos makes his world shattering comeback, and his army to shoot footage introductory galactic war , which will be carried out both on Earth and in deep space - with our heroes caught between two battles ! How mad Titan secrets revealed
The All New Exiles (1-11 series + Specials) Complete
14 issues pages | 123.2 мb.

Tags: the All New Exiles, All New Exiles comics, Infinity, Malibu comics, X-men
Published by Malibu/Marvel comics. This was the time when Marvel had bought Malibu and joined their two universes together. This was a new team of Malibu's Exiles super-team, half the members from Malibu, the other half Marvel characters such as Juggernaut, Reaper and Sienna Blaze. - All New Exiles Infinity (Alt Cover) - All New Exiles Infinity -
Infinity FCBD
13 pages | 8.3 мb.

Tags: Infinity, FCBD
Infinity #06
All roads lead to this! Conclusion oversized Marvel annual events! Heroes of Earth in comparison with the forces of Thanos!
Infinity #5
Negotiations falling worlds. The Illuminati against Thanos. Thor, the god of war.
Infinity #04
Negotiations falling worlds. The Illuminati against Thanos. Thor, the god of war.
Infinity The Hunt #02
24 pages | 26.9 мb.

Tags: Infinity The Hunt, Infinity, MATT KINDT, Steven Sanders, 2013
Thanos forces invading Earth, but that part of his plan includes a super youth of the world? See the attack on the Avengers Academy, Jean Grey School, future foundation, Braddock Academy, School of Wakanda alternative studies, Pan-Asian school for gifted and unusual Latverian School of Science! Students in all schools in the world super-trying
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