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The Black Moon Chronicles Vol.1-3 Complete
At the center of the empire was the Oracle… The Oracle announced the coming of the one who would change the world. This is his story. One day, when Heads-or-Tails was out roaming the forest, he comes across a nameless man. He christens him Wismerhill, and from that day forth, the pair are inseparable. They start out on the road of adventure, and
Chronicles of Kull Vol.1-5 Complete
5 issues pages | 1000.3 мb.

Tags: Chronicles of Kull, Chronicles, Dark Horse
The Chronicles of Kull Volume 1: A King Comes Riding and Other Stories kicks off Dark Horse’s newest addition to its popular Robert E. Howard reprint line. Presenting every color Kull comic from the 1970s and ’80s chronologically for the first time ever, volume 1 features color Kull stories from Creatures on the Loose! #10, Monsters on the Prowl
Chronicles of the Dragon Knights Vol.11 - Every Thousand and One Moons
Every thousand and one moons, all the delegations, all the Orders of the Dragon Knights, meet in a safe and secret place. It is called the Fortress. There, the youngest, the most gifted of the apprentices will be tested, and only the strongest will come through their ordeals. While their pupils fight for survival, the Matriarchs of the various
Chronicles of the Dragon Vo.10 - Knights Toward the Light
Three Redsails, the flying ships of The Dragon Knight Order, battle a dragon in the skies. But the monster hits a vessel, which crashes in the desert, in the middle of the Veile. Among the few survivors are apprentices of the Order, a mother with her child, a young man with a mysterious past, and the ship's second in command. They must survive,
Chronicles of the Dragon Knights Vol.9 - Blinded
Three Dragon Knights wake in the darkness... They are restrained and gagged, on the floor of a prison, in an unknown place, without access to daylight. Who brought them there? How? And why? In the bright city of Messara, others are looking for something... Spies and Matriarchs are looking for the missing Knights. A priest is looking for the light
The Kane Chronicles #1 - The Red Pyramid
198 pages | 90.0 мb.

Tags: The Kane Chronicles, The Kane, Chronicles, Other comics
Since their mother's death, Carter and Sadie have become near-strangers. While Sadie has lived with her grandparents in London, Carter has traveled the world with their father, the famed Egyptologist Dr. Julius Kane. One night, Dr. Kane brings the siblings together to the British Museum, where he hopes to set things right for his family. Instead,
Chronicles of the Dragon Knights Vol.8 - Choir of Darkness
Krista, an accomplished Dragon Knight, has disappeared in the opaque and shady jungle, deep into the southern reaches. The rumors about her contradict themselves... Did Krista die? Did she sink into a killing frenzy? A young and inexperienced Knight, Marly, follows her tracks in order to find her. But a dragon has appeared in the jungle, and all
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