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Major Grom #8
92 pages | 113.2 мb.

Tags: Major Grom, Major, Grom, Bubble
Butterflies in the Stomach Let's stop the time for a while and go back to the past to show you what happened to our heroes one year ago, on the New Year's Eve!
Friar #8
61 pages | 91.7 мb.

Tags: Friar, Bubble
Sold relic, part 4 It's 1877 and the third siege of Plevna during the Russo-Turkish war. To gain advantage over his enemies, Turkish general Osman Pasha summons Fatin, master of illusion and deception. Magister helps him to deliver the bottle containing the jinn to the Russian General-in-Chief Skobelev. Once the Grand Duke opens the bottle he

Friar #8 (2017)

Publisher: Other
Demonslayer #8
103 pages | 120.3 мb.

Tags: Demonslayer, Bubble
His name is Demonslayer Danila the Demonslayer is a grim avenger who exterminates fiends with the power of living tattoos, made from Satan's blood. Together with the cynical renegade imp called Sneak he tracks down and annihilates demons, trying to hold back the infernal invasion.
Igor Grom #1
76 pages | 116.0 мb.

Tags: Igor Grom, Bubble
Under Reconstruction, part 1 Major Igor Grom was the best policeman of Saint Petersburg... until the war on crime didn't break him completely. Grom had lost a woman he loved, his friends and colleagues - and, worst of all, he lost himself... But Igor isn't giving up. He pulls himself together and gets back to what he joined the police for -
Allies #1
103 pages | 173.0 мb.

Tags: Allies, Bubble
Before the Dawn, part 1 Nika Chaikina was the best in her field: a master thief that became a secret agent, she has completed many successful missions around the world and saved the planet from the forces of evil multiple times. But in the end the evil won. Nika had lost everything she fought for... She will never get her old life back but she

Allies #1 (2017)

Publisher: Other
Realmwalkers #1
47 pages | 87.4 мb.

Tags: Realmwalkers, Bubble
Blood of Gods, part 1 We've got two kinds of news: a fantastic one and an even more fantastic one. First of all, our Earth is just a part of the Collar of Worlds that consists of many parallel worlds. And, second of all, the gods that you read about in myths and legends actually exist. And any world that they visit will be destroyed in an
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