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Halo - Initiation #3
23 pages | 44.5 мb.

Tags: Halo - Initiation, Halo, Initiation
The fleet of the Prophet of Truth is headed toward Earth. Master Chief is captured and interrogated by his covenants. At the same time, people on Earth, who have borne the trials, trying desperately to survive. The Earth itself is about to fall under the onslaught of alien invaders. And no one knows where he was and what a mysterious artifact
Elfquest - The Final Quest Special
For generations, the elves sought a safe haven against all who would do them harm. But the dream that Chief Cutter and his Wolfriders fought and died for may be the very thing destroying them. The skills that helped them survive the harsh world are fading, and the growing threat of a tyrant obsessed with exterminating all elves makes for a
Cryptozoic Man #1
27 pages | 50.9 мb.

Tags: Cryptozoic Man, Cryptozoic, Man, Cryptozoic Man comics
Download free comics Cryptozoic Man 1 series
Creepy #14
32 pages | 53.7 мb.

Tags: Creepy, Creepy comics
The latest volume in Dark Horse's award-winning Creepy Archives hardcover run will shake, rattle, and obliterate your sanity, as the stories from issues #42-#45 of Warren Publishing's landmark horror series arrive as perfect antidotes to seasonal melancholy. In the early 1970s, comic-book legends like Bruce Jones, Gardner Fox, Richard Corben, Dave
Classic Popeye #15
45 pages | 70.1 мb.

Tags: Classic Popeye, Popeye
Popeye the Sailor Man sails again! E.C Segar's classic creation is back, with his first original comic in over 30 years! Written by the Eisner Award-winning Roger Landridge (The Muppets), with pitch-perfect art from rising star Bruce Ozella, it's a new take on the classic character that's true to its roots! With a rare incentive cover from
Triple Helix #1
25 pages | 31.4 мb.

Tags: Triple Helix, Triple Helix comics, Triple, Helix
Download free comics Triple Helix 1 series
The Owl #4
25 pages | 43.9 мb.

Tags: The Owl, Owl, J.T. Krul, Heubert Khan Michael
Be careful not to shade Owl is back! Lost for 50 years in an ethereal limbo, Owl returned to find violent and desperate world of strangers. The woman he loved is gone, but he is still determined to continue the fight for justice. Owl can withstand the challenges waiting for him ... or a new reality crush his body, and spirit?
Red Sonja (vol. 2) #4
29 pages | 30.5 мb.

Tags: Red Sonja, Red Sonja vol 2, Dynamite, 2013
Red Sonja was invented by writers for Marvel Comics series Conan the Barbarian in 1973. By the time the half-naked beauties already firmly established in science fiction and fantasy, but that Sonia became the founder of a typical image of a fairy warrior: a minimum of clothing, high sensibility, but space is limited to male fantasies with metal
Pathfinder #9
29 pages | 47.4 мb.

Tags: Pathfinder, Pathfinder comics, Pathfinder free
Paizos incredible award-winning, best-selling fantasy world, fiction line and tabletop RPG is now the ultimate fantasy comic from Dynamite Entertainment! Valeros can rely on only his sword arm and his friends, the mysterious and beautiful sorcerer Seoni and silver tongued quick-witted elven rogue Merisiel, but nothing can prepare him for the
Lords of Mars #3
25 pages | 49.3 мb.

Tags: Lords of Mars, download Lords of Mars
Download Free comics Lords of Mars 3 series.
Jinnrise #7
24 pages | 39.2 мb.

Tags: Jinnrise, Jinnrise comics, Jinnrise idw
International student Andrew Marcus' world is torn asunder when interstellar forces, the 'Kibrani,' invade earth. With all hope seemingly lost, humanity's last chance may be a long-despised and forgotten race: the Jinn (otherwise known as 'genies')! But are they our hope... or greatest fear? Combining the best of summer blockbuster fare and quest

Jinnrise #7 (2013)

Publisher: IDW
Damsels #10
27 pages | 51.7 мb.

Tags: Damsels, Damsels comics
Fascinating comics, where many come together fabulous characters such as: the little mermaid. Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and many others. In the comics, a lot of adventure, politics, a lot of stories.
Constantine #7
23 pages | 26.6 мb.

Tags: Constantine, dc Constantine, download Constantine
John Constantine isn't a conventional hero--he lies, cheats, and manipulates others to get the job done. But for all his faults, he's the only one capable of saving the day after learning of information that could shake the DC Universe to its core.
Collection Marvel (09.10.2013, week 41)
15 issues pages | 514.1 мb.

Tags: Collection, Marvel, 09.10.2013, week 41
Collection Marvel Comics for 09.10.2013 (41 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. Fearless Defenders #10 2. Astonishing X-Men #68 3. Deadpool #18 4. Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #04 5. Uncanny X-Force #12 6. X-Men #06 7. Wolverine #10 8. Ultimate Comics X-Men #32 9. Dexter #04 10. Avengers A.I. #04 11. Thor - God of Thunder #14 12.
Fearless Defenders #10
With hordes of invading Earth Thanos, fearless defenders live up to their namesake! A gifted young woman discovers that she's amazing ... but scary ... powers. Will it be a new hero to join the ranks of the defenders? Or it has become one of the girls Caroline LEFAY in Doom?
Warlord of Mars #28
The investigation of the assassination of John Carter brought him to the frozen wastes of the Martian North, where things are really heating up. He reveals evidence of a conspiracy aimed at destroying the fragile peace on Mars, but who is behind it and why? Carter has no shortage of suspects, and all turn leads to a dead end - literally! He will
Astonishing X-Men #68
FINAL ISSUE! Through thick and thin, from his marriage to the apocalypse, X-Men have always been together as a family. Is there anything in this world - or any other - that can destroy them? It all ends here, as Marjorie Liu tells a fond farewell to an amazing team!
Deathmatch #10
Only four combatants remain in Deathmatch arena, to the end of your friends (and enemies) killed with his own hands. Will the heroes be able to come together and discover secrets to prison, before one of them is "won"?
Death Sentence #01
What would you do with superpowers - and six months to live ? This is the dilemma facing the three people who contracted the virus G+ , scary new STD. What can a graphic designer Verity , otherwise indie guitarist Lusk and fraudulent media personality Monty do in the time they have left ? Fade Away - or go out in a blaze of glory? By turns
Aliens vs. Parker #04
After a vicious alien onslaught that decimated (read: ATE) badass Marines protecting them, rag-tag SPACE-EX crew must find a way to survive! But even more terrifying threat than the foreigners who crave their blood may be lurking in their midst, and even worse, touching their stuff ...


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