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Shadowman - End Times #03
34 pages | 37 мb.

Tags: Shadowman - End Times, Master Darque, Shadowman
Curse shadow loa terrible cross to bear ... and Jack Boniface about to be crushed by it. As the army makes war invisible voodoo Shadowman, tortured spirit within Jack begins to consume his soul - and make a final confrontation with his worst enemy, Master Darque ... once and for all.
Original Sins #02
New Avengers #20
26 pages | 45.2 мb.

Tags: New Avengers, Doctor Strange, Great Society
How far is Doctor Strange willing to go to protect the Earth from the Great Society? Too far…
Guardians of the Galaxy #16
Starlord on the run from a mysterious new enemy-alone without the help of the Guardians!
God Is Dead #15
30 pages | 50 мb.

Tags: God is Dead, Mike Costa, Omar Francia
Prayed for the salvation of mankind. As the gods of mythology fought and destroyed around them, and said they hoped to return muted tones of the Christian God. Jesus was the savior of mankind, and he will come back to do it again. Or so they believed. Now the Son of God came back, but the images of his gentle touch absent. Join the ranks of
Crossed - Badlands #56
28 pages | 35.7 мb.

Tags: Crossed - Badlands, Garth Ennis, The Crossed
The startling conclusion patient zero arc Garth Ennis is here! Armageddon has come and there is no stopping the wave of violence crossed as the infection spreads simultaneously worldwide. Fear, violence, murder and unrestrained revelry in the streets. The government lost control and descent into hell crossed the world begins in earnest. There's no
The X-Files - Season 10 #13
25 pages | 28.7 мb.

Tags: The X-Files - Season 10, Alex Krycek, Mulder, Scully
The dreaded "oil" has been tapped in remote deserts of the Middle East, and divergent forces massing contain, control, and even help deadly, sentient being Earth once (and future?) Alien colonists. But what does it want with agents Mulder and Scully, what the rising neo-Syndicate want with him? And why, where, and most importantly, how Alex Krycek
Amazing Spider-Man #03
24 pages | 39.9 мb.

Tags: Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man, Spider-Man
Get ready for the Spider-Man epic unlike any other in the Amazing Spider-Man: Who am I? - Last game-changing Infinite comics!
Bravest Warriors #21
The bravest warriors must once again save the galaxy! Join Chris, Beth, Danny, and wallow as they, well ... save space! It seems there is a pattern develops in a warrior's life, certainly nothing can surprise our heroes now ... or is there something there? Something is hiding in the shadows ... something so big that not even the bravest of
Ghostbusters #17
End of the year is a busy time for most businesses, and Ghostbusters are no exception. Surrounded on all sides by a surge of activity in this spectral especially busy season, they are looking forward to a little break once the new year hits. But recent supernatural symptoms shown a city that does not sleep come to mind, and the boogeyman come to
Uncanny Avengers #21
Avenge EARTH Finale! That's it! The conclusion to the epic two years in the making and not be sure that nothing will be the same again! The final battle will not be with the enemy - it will be with yourself. In our darkest hour Avengers Unity team to combine completely and decided the fate of seven futures!
Deceivers #6
WHY WE LOVE IT : Everyone loves a good story of an outsider , and we will not be an exception. Make that twice in the classic Robin Hoodstyle ' steal from the rich , give to the poor "filaments , and when you couple that with Steven Grant ( 2 guns ) crackling dialogue and beautiful artwork from ? We could not resist ! Why you 'll love it :
Dexter Down Under #05
24 pages | 36 мb.

Tags: Dexter Down Under, Dexter Morgan, Jeff Lindsay
CONCLUSION chilling Dexter INTERNATIONAL ADVENTURES - Written Creator Jeff Lindsay! Dexter Morgan, a serial killer of serial killers on the trail of a new killer ... but it's far from his cool and beat the Miami Heat Australian feeling! When everything turns Down Under, Dexter hunter he is a victim! Not only that, watch Dexter, he is
Avengers Undercover #06
DEATH medallion field TRIP = KILL CAPTAIN AMERICA! Made in a focus on Death medallion: Half-woman, half-cyborg ... all killer! What will make a medallion Death: blow her cover and seal its doom, refusing to shoot Cap ... or save her life by killing a living legend?
Clockwork Angels #3
WHY WE LOVE IT: Rush’s CLOCKWORK ANGELS is a testament to the band’s creative versatility—it has been successful as a concept album, novel, and international tour. Now, Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart and New York Times bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson are bringing the story of CLOCKWORK ANGELS to comics, where newcomer artist Nick Robles
The Illegitimates #6
24 pages | 43.6 мb.

Tags: Illegitimates, Kiken, Saalinge, Viktor Dannikor
In Illegitimates strike their first mission as a team! Dannikor plan revealed! Mom is in danger! And WHO is a mole in the organization OLYMPUS? Spy-fun in abundance, as it becomes dirty!
Peanuts #19
Irritability Lucy finally put to the test! When it comes to winning this year's Miss Crabby Pageant, Lucy struggles. But with competition as Molley volleyball Crybaby Boobie, can Lucy from annoying your way to shiny trophy winner? Enjoy "Miss Crabby Pageant" and many others Peanuts adventure in this latest edition, full of heart and fun galore!
Green Hornet #13
25 pages | 53.7 мb.

Tags: Green Hornet, Kato, The Green Hornet, 2014
Now, that voice was silenced, a new threat looming city - and without Hornet round to protect citizens, Kato can survive as a solo agent?


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