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Real Fact Comics (1-21 series) Complete
21 issues pages | 417.5 мb.

Tags: Real Fact Comics, Real Fact
Collection of old comic books from publisher under the name DC - Real Fact Comics
Victorian Secret Girls Of Steampunk Winter Fun Special #1
If you traipsing 'cross the glaciers of Hyperborea or just cold facts collided in snowy season at home, our brave girls will warm your body and soul! Be it of leather or fur or soft brass fittings (and how they fit), they will make your steampunk steamier, than ever before!
The Vampire Diaries #13
Damon Salvatore returned from the war, and the battle has taken its toll. He desperately ill, but Catherine is more interested in scoring points against a rival for his affections do not worry about their interests.
Invisibles - The Deluxe Edition #1
One of the most controversial and trippiest and abstract comic book titles Grant Morrison! Follow the adventures of the Minimoys, a secret organization to fight against physical and mental oppression brought to humanity by alien gods interdemsional Archons of Outer Church! Collects THE INVISIBLES #1-12, ABSOLUTE VERTIGO #1.
Testament Omnibus
534 pages | 395 мb.

Tags: Testament Omnibus, Douglas Rushkoff, Dean Ormston
This digital omnibus collects all four volumes of Douglas Rushkoff in Testament critics technology adventure, magic and myths.
Smallville - Alien #10
24 pages | 15.7 мb.

Tags: Smallville - Alien, Batman, Black Adam, Lex Luthor, Otis, Superman
Lex Luthor needs help, and there is only one man for the job. And that person ... Otis?
Nightstalkers #01-18 Complete
18 issues pages | 235.9 мb.

Tags: Nightstalkers, Blade, Doctor Strange, Dracula, Frank Drake, Ghost Rider (Blaze)
Spinning out of events "Rise of the Midnight Sons", the former vampire hunters, Hannibal King, Frank Drake and Blade join forces to become Nighstalkers fight occult themes worldwide. The series ended question 18, but was continued in Blade: Vampire Hunter.
Marvel Comics Presents Vol.2 #01-12 Complete
The revival of the long running Marvel Comics Presents vol.1 series. Like its predecessor, it contains short stories told in the continuing chapters, featuring the hottest Marvel characters and creators. This is the second lasted 12 issues and was replaced in the second volume Amazing tales.
Loki - Ragnarok and Roll #01
WHY WE LOVE IT : up -and-coming writer Eric Esquivel first caught our attention with Thor : Thunder neubivaemy Christ , and hit us with their work on freelancers . When he told us that he wants to bring these feelings to the trickster god Loki, we had to say : "Yes!" Pairing it with Fanboys VS Zombies artist Jerry Gaylord sealed the deal . Why
Kyrra - Alien Jungle Girl #00-05
6 issues pages | 201.7 мb.

Tags: Kyrra - Alien Jungle Girl, Kyrra, Rich Woodall
Kyrra about to turn 16, and her life is about to change forever! Her peaceful day turns deadly as she proudly through the jungle by someone or something!
Go-Getters #01
24 pages | 32.1 мb.

Tags: Go-Getters, George Harrison, Maya Diaz
Maya Diaz and her "pet" white gorilla, George Harrison, run search company: GoGetters search, Inc Need something removed, be it a person, a rare coin, cocktail jacket or genetic engineering clown panda? You call them. Hired to retrieve only the legal Double Eagle coins in existence, Maya and George are numerically contested fight thugs and hoping
Dark Horse Presents #33
86 pages | 169.7 мb.

Tags: Dark Horse Presents, Mister X, Mr. Monster, Nexus, Saint George
Christopher Šebela (Captain Marvel, duh) crafts a tale of horror from the World War II-there is blood in the water in biology cruel! And the two gentlemen back to pages DHP, Dean Motter provides a new noir story starring Mr. X and Michael T. Gilbert's Mr. Monster faces off against telepathic threat bent on world domination! In addition, the new
Cavewoman Killing Dinos 101 #01
30 pages | 31.7 мb.

Tags: Cavewoman Killing Dinos, Meriem Cooper, Devon Massey
Meryem takes an offer to teach a class on how to protect and defeat the dinosaurs and other jungle creatures that could be found around Marshville or expedition. It's a tough world out there , but with the teacher as Meriem class and packed it all "Hot for Teacher ! Hopefully they will learn something as well! Devon once again brings his
All-Select Comics 70th Anniversary Special
Meet Blonde Phantom - she's gorgeous, smart, and hard-boiled. There has never been a way that was not open for this closed-armed, two-fisted knockout SP But she still has what it takes to bust a mystery wide open in the modern Universe Marvel? Marc Guggenheim and Javier Pulido turn classic Blonde Phantom into Marvel's newest hero! AND MORE! Writer
All-Select Comics #01-11 Complete
All Select Comics ran during 1943 through 1946 for 11 issues. This series then continued into Blonde Phantom.


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