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Batgirl #24
22 pages | 42.9 мb.

Tags: Batgirl, new Batgirl, free Batgirl
Barbara Gordon, after three years in a wheelchair, has regained the ability to walk. And returned to the role Betgerl! Having lived for many years with his father, Babs finally decides to move. She will have to face a new villain, horror at the Gotham, and overcome their fears of the past.

Batgirl #24 (2013)

Publisher: DC
Federal Bureau of Physics #04
Science, betrayal and intrigue! With BubbleVerse crumbling around them who will live and live to tell about it? The opening story arc of the strange new Vertigo series comes to a conclusion, and things will only get stranger from here ...
Line of Defense #01
By the end of the 30th century, mankind has conquered space travel and the spread in the galaxy. It was a dangerous place. In 2993 , Galactic Command was formed earthlings Empirians and Vesperons, and are responsible for maintaining law and order among the territories of the Member States. But what he calls GALCOM order , the rebels called
X-O Manowar #01-17
The new Valiant Universe starts with the new XO Manowar series featuring Aric of Dacia in the lead role with a whole new origin story . Born into battle, Aric of Dacia - heir to the throne of the Visigoth people - has never known peace. After a brutal encounter with a mysterious enemy known as the Vine leaves him a prisoner in someone else's
X-Men - True Friends #01-03 Complete
This is a story about time travel, fantasy and danger as Shadowcat have to decide between saving the life of a friend or the lives of millions!
The Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular #01-02 Complete
Impossible family decided to go on vacation ..... Earth. Impossible people suffering Spider-Man followed Dr. weird. Then he gets almost killed Punisher . He finally decides to relax and play golf with the Epcot ball at Disney. Impossible woman attempts to get Quasar to help fix her broken child , but when he can not help it receives Madcap take
Spider-Man & Doctor Strange - Way to Dusty Death
Graphic novel from writers: Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas, download free from our site - the best site with comics.
Avengers-Fantastic Four - Domination Factor #01-04 Complete
World imprisoned in a dead end! But why? FF and powerful heroes of Earth realize that only they can save now on a journey into the past! So what part does the company Praxis play in the state of our planet? Who is the mysterious owner of the company? And what is the relationship she has one of the biggest threats to the universe Marvel?
Archer and Armstrong #00-13
Obadiah Archer was born and grew up to cherish three things above all : the faith of their parents, the love of his 22 brothers and sisters , and his lifelong mission to defeat the final villain . Now, after several years of training , Archer was sent to the festering heart of modern America Day Babylon , aka New York, to eradicate and kill this
Uber #06
The second arc Uber launches this question as Kieron Gillen opens a new chapter in the most talked about series this year . The first blow in the battle between the English and German Ubers was introduced and no nation goes together. The war rages on in the Pacific theater as a Japanese kamikaze pilots try to control the forces of the United

Uber #06 (2013)

Publisher: Avatar
Smallville - Titans #01
Jay Garrick is determined to help raise a new generation of superheroes right. But when his young charges to get involved in a scandal at the pier in San Francisco 39, it is not certain that they are actually helping.
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You #38
When the monsters of the night horror movie TV shows have become too real, they scare the owner directly from the fright wig and straight to the Mystery Inc. for the help! Join the gang as they dress up and put the TV show itself to unravel what is really causing a scene by a set!
God is Dead #02
Jonathan Hickman brings the wrath of the gods to comics with his new series, God is dead ! Modern man is proving its technology and the destruction of rest against the old deities . But what's the use of guns, tanks , and even nuclear missiles against the power of the divine ? In their pride , the people ruled for too long. Now the legend of the
Fraggle Rock Classics #02
Red pursuit of fame goes to her head, and it is up to the other Fraggles, to bring her back to reality.
Critter #14
Even with new found friends, the Earth seems to be no closer to taking care of the threat Tidepool. Critter decides to take matters into their own hands and possibly execute fate she inherited.
Adventures of Superman #24
Superman discovers the shocking truth about ... Krypton and the villain behind it all! "Tears For Krypton" Part 3 of 3.
Absolution - Rubicon #04
The final battle with Polymath here and no one is safe from his murderous rage. World CHRISTOS Gage Absolution takes no prisoners , as the super power of the COP turned vigilante , John dusk, must find a way to stop to stop the juggernaut gruzovik.Erudit apparently occurred after the death of ... He is immune to all known weapons, and by all means
X-Men - Deadly Genesis #01-06 Complete
X-Men go for Professor X who went missing after the events of House of M, and they find disturbing secret. At the same time, an incredibly powerful mutant appears, probably due to this mysterious secret.
The War #01-04 Complete
Jack Magniconte and other new characters of the universe join forces to remove the paranormal terrorist.
Static Shock #01-08 Complete
New 52 series starring Static, the first written Scott McDaniel and John Rozum. This is the first series of solo character beyond Milestone imprint which originally ended in 1997, and later was properly put to rest in 2010. The series was canceled as of issue number 8.


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