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Stalker (1-4 series) Complete
4 issues pages | 33.6 мb.

Tags: Stalker, Stalker comics, Zone, dc comics
For about twenty years before the start of the comic registered meteorite. The area began to occur abnormal phenomena, people began to disappear. The place is called "Zone", and rumors about some mysterious room where wishes can be executed: fondest, most sincere, most through suffering. Area cordoned off by the military cordon and barbed wire.
Firebrand (1-9 series) Complete
9 issues pages | 136.3 мb.

Tags: Firebrand, Firebrand comics
1. Ashes To Ashes 2. Burning Bright 3. The Best Of Families 4. Guardian Angels 5. Killer's Garden 6. Saints And Sinners 7. Teach Your Children 8. Phantom Truths 9.Final Notice
Battlestar Galactica - Digital Exclusive Edition (Vol 2) 1-9 series
9 issues pages | 364.4 мb.

Tags: Battlestar Galactica, Digital Exclusive, Edition, Digital, Exclusive
Tom Zarek was a political activist for more than 30 years. Before the fall of the Twelve Colonies it was a charismatic, eloquent and ideologically savvy political agitator, who was sent to prison for destroying a government building on Sagittarone. The culmination of his imprisonment was flying on "Star Queen" superluminal prison ship. At the time
The Marvel Family #01-89 Complete
Marvel Family is a term that has been attached to the family of characters , similar in appearance and powers of the original Captain Marvel (this group is mainly composed of Mary Marvel, Freddie Freeman and, of course , Captain Marvel ) , a character that first appeared in Fawcett's Whiz Comics . About five years after its first appearance, and a
The Dirty Pair - Fatal But Not Serious #01-05 Complete
5 issues pages | 111.2 мb.

Tags: The Dirty Pair - Fatal But Not Serious, Adam Warren, Jim Royal
Dirty Pair have fought hard for their reputation as the toughest , hard peacekeepers in the Confederacy. They fought murderers, bootleggers , mercenaries, and the entire space armada , all in the line of duty ! But now dangerous duo must face their greatest challenge yet : a conference center , full Dirty Pair fans! And somewhere , lurking among
She-Hulk - Cosmic Collision
This double-sized sci-fi spectacular, guest-starring the Lady Liberators (fresh from the pages of The Hulk) and the female heroes from the Guardians of the Galaxy! When She-Hulk finds herself suddenly transmit to the world, it's up to her and a collection of the universe's most powerful heroines including Storm, Tundra, Valkyre and the Invisible
Robotech - The Macross Saga Vol.1-4 Complete
4 volumes pages | 212.9 мb.

Tags: Robotech - The Macross Saga, Jack Herman, Mike Baron
Robotech stands as one of the premiere of animated sci-fi series of the 1980s , one that helped usher in a new era of cartoons in which drama, romance and character development are as important as the action. This volume collects the first six issues of the first series in Comico Robotech, as well as additional bonus material in the 176 -page
Planet Skaar Prologue
Reed Richards just found out that the Hulk has syna.Veliky , big barbarian son named Skaar who do not know anything except blood and rage after his father refused to be born on fire on an alien planet war . And now Skaar coming to Earth , where an autopsy with his father could literally split the globe into two parts. So with just twenty-four
Mouse Guard - The Tale of Baldwin the Brave
This Free Comic Book Day , Archaia offers readers the chance to experience history in the making with a FREE , gorgeous, 48 - page 6 "x 9 " full color hardcover original anthology featuring all - new stuff! David Petersen returns with a brand new mouse Guard tale that's guaranteed to tug at your feelings ! Lose yourself once again in Jim Henson's
Maverick #01-12 Complete
12 issues pages | 319.8 мb.

Tags: Maverick, Bolt, Elena Ivanova, Ginetta Nord, Hammer, Isabel Ferguson
With the Legacy Virus going into remission , mutant powers begin Maverick kick in. Secret Wars is Wildy unpredictable and dangerous game. For Maverick, a way of life . Master in the deadly art of espionage, his unique mutant physiology and state-of modern weapons arsenal were his stock - in trade. Currently suffering from the effects of an
Justice League Beyond 2.0 #16
Standing on the verge of defeat, as more allies fall, long lost hero joins the final battle between Brainiac and the Justice League!
Green Lantern Vol.1 - Sinestro
The first six issues of the series covering the stars of DC Comics - New 52 collected in hardcover, with stories superstar writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke! There's an unexpected new Green Lantern in town: Sinestro. And now, this renegade GL Korugar headed for one purpose: to free his homeworld from the scourge of his Sinestro Corps -
Green Arrow Vol.1 - The Midas Touch
In this title, collecting the first six issues in DC Comics - The New 52 event, Oliver Queen is armed with advanced weapons and illegally obtained, Intel (courtesy of his team at QCore)! Green Arrow, he shoots first and ask questions later, when he travels the world to bring outlaws to justice ... and breaking all the laws are in the process.
Dark Souls II - Into The Light
Dark Souls II: the light opens with a lone warrior faced man sitting near the fire. Warrior tells the man that he does not want to cause any harm and tells him to put out the fire as quickly as possible, because it can attract other people with murderous intent. People appreciate the kind words of a warrior and invites him to sit by the fire for


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