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Captain Ultimate #05
32 pages | 53.9 мb.

Tags: Captain Ultimate, Joey Esposito
It's show and tell in the classroom Milo, but with the help of dastardly ninja feels alphabet, it turns into qucikly ... "Show and Yell!"
All-New Ghost Rider #01
"Engine revenge" PART 1 Street racing leads the boy to fast and furious way of destiny. On the background in the area of ​​East Los Angeles Running Wild gang violence and drug trafficking, war brews in the underworld! With four on the floor, the newest Ghost Rider Marvel Vengeance puts into overdrive!
Sonic Universe #62
23 pages | 32.7 мb.

Tags: Sonic Universe, Jim Amash, Jamal Peppers
EPIC CONCLUSION on foreign-breaking saga starring Shadow the Hedgehog HERE! "Autumn Shade" Part Four: Shadow against the Black Death - the fate of the world! Who will live in? Who will not make it to see a new day? Meanwhile, Rouge and Omega are desperately trying to save his comrades GUN like Eclipse, hunt them down! All this with a ticking
Silver Surfer #01
22 pages | 58.4 мb.

Tags: Silver Surfer, Mike Allred, Dan Slott
"New Dawn" The universe is large. More than you could ever imagine. And the Silver Surfer, a lonely sentinel of air routes, is about to discover the best way to see it ... it's with someone else. Get to earth girl who challenged Surfer go beyond the well-known Marvel U - in a strange, new and absolutely fantastic! Everywhere ... Hang On!
Uncanny Avengers #18.NOW
21 pages | 38 мb.

Tags: Uncanny Avengers, Ahab, Arno Stark, Beast, Blob, Doctor Doom, Havok
"Avenge the earth" Part One Welcome to Planet X, the new mutant home where all right-thinking that you have the mutant gene! Janet Van Dine, Wasp, is the last person being alive, zealously pursued Magneto and his All-New X-Force and their campaign "No More People" and reserved man, Havok! Witness the fate of the Uncanny Avengers - who survived
Superior Spider-Man #30
"Goblin Nation" - Part 4 of 5 Since dying wish, he has the build for it. One of the most important moments of the entire Superior Spider-Man saga! Once this happens, it can not be reversed! Do not miss this issue!
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #11
In the midst GOBLIN Nations, Superior Spider-Man thinks back on all new never before seen a team between Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin! You're missing Amazing Spider-Man? That's it! Just as you remember it, facing off with his two greatest enemies! Who is Superior Spider-Man? Superior Spider-villain? And what impact will it have memories
Origin II #04
23 pages | 31.7 мb.

Tags: Origin II, Clara, Mr. Sinister, Sabretooth, Wolverine
The penultimate issue! Logan, Clara and faith are on the run from Sinister ... but maybe something sinister Logan offer he can not refuse? Secret Kryda shown!
New Avengers #16.NOW
26 pages | 40.6 мb.

Tags: New Avengers, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Namor
"The night before the end of the world" No more bloodshed. To save their people, proud and arrogant Black Panther Neymor sued for peace. As members of the Illuminati, a secret organization composed of the most powerful heroes of the Marvel Universe, they must work together to stop the extinction of the whole world! But are they making changes
Hawkeye #18
24 pages | 29.7 мb.

Tags: Hawkeye, Finch, Kate Bishop, Lucky, Madame Masque, Marcus
Kate enters the bottom of the greatest mystery in the universe Marvel right this very hot second: H who is that guy in the coat that seems to live in her cat food aisle? The answer may surprise you. Or maybe not, maybe you are super good this sort of thing. In any case, a simple study is consistent in a desperate race Kate to stay one step
Rocky & Bullwinkle #1
Evil Leader (Fearless Leader) wants to force America to make him president, and protein Rocky, Bullwinkle moose and FBI agent Karen Sympathy trying to stop him. Angry Leader uses channel RBTV and hypnotizing your device for the American people. Do saviors just a few hours to stop the Leader.
Hacktivist #03
28 pages | 46.6 мb.

Tags: Hacktivist, Ed Hiccox, Nate Graft, Sirine
Successfully fled to Tunisia, Ed finally Sirine not meet face to face, and neither is what the other expected. While Ed had come out from behind his computer screen and deal with the consequences of his real evil, Nate feels the walls begin to close him back to YourLife. When rates rise to life and death, whether two best friends to the wolves for
Guardians of the Galaxy #13
Conclusion The trial of Jean Grey leaves two teams devastated!
Empire of the Dead #03
25 pages | 38.8 мb.

Tags: Empire of the Dead, Frances Xavier, Mayor Chandrake
THIS ZOMBIES VS Vampire-with humans caught in the crossfire, as the legendary George Romero unleashes his next Undead EPIC! Welcome to New York years after the eruption of the undead plague, the city is not only replete with roaming zombies, but vampires ruled! Who is conspiring against the mayor? Do zombie uprising in motion? And who in
Deadpool #26
23 pages | 58.8 мb.

Tags: Adolf Hitler, Cable, Deadpool, Nick Fury
Another issue Deadpool FLASHBACK! This time ... in 1950! That's right, Deadpool back in time to save Nick Fury ... Threat From ... time travel, Hitler!
Avengers #27
46 pages | 79.8 мb.

Tags: Avengers, Cannonball, Captain America, Hulk, Hyperion
"Adapt or die" The secret is the new Avengers show! Science is catching up with the world war (s). The answers to the questions you would have remained hidden. Clash of the Avengers and New Avengers inevitable.
Avengers Assemble #25
Total war in New York! Crazy Dr. June Covington took on AIM, and wins. The Avengers are trapped in the middle of this war Mad Science! But now, the situation is more important - as a second Terrihena cocoon in New York, ticking like a time bomb about to go, Covington wants and AIM has it. SPIDER-GIRL, who was mentored by the Avengers in his
Amazing X-Men #05
23 pages | 35 мb.

Tags: Amazing X-Men, Archangel, Azazel, Beast, Firestar, Iceman
Night and his pirate band X-Men take on the scapegoat and his hellish hordes! One of the X-Men have to make a sacrifice!
All-New X-Factor #05
Learn sinister secret Techno Inc! Brought to you by Serval Industries.


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