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Tigra #01-04 Complete
4 issues pages | 157.5 мb.

Tags: Tigra, Bill Nelson, Captain America, Wasp
She was a super hero, a child of the night, and Avenger. But what is the true face of women were known as Tigra? Find out as the key to the unsolved murder sends Tigra a journey of discovery through the corridors of power ? wild hunter in the urban jungle ! ? HISTORY : After tried to settle in a new life in the last few years with the Avengers ,
X-51 #00-12 Complete
Part of the case M-Tech Marvel, Aaron Stack, Machine Man gets his own series, this time known as the X-51. This series was the first M-Tech line, but failed to catch, and was, unfortunately, canceled with issue 12. The series was a special "issue 0", courtesy of Wizard Magazine.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Update #01-05 Complete
The most comprehensive guide to the Marvel Universe is moving forward in 2010! This 64- page book is the first guide to ALL- New profiles since 2007, and spans the width and depth of the Marvel U: New characters ! Never before profiled characters ! The Golden Age ! Space ! Teams ! Mutants ! Westerns ! Dimensions ! And because you demanded it :
X-Men First Class - The High Hand
Sebastian Shaw meets Emma Frost. (Marvel Digital Comics - Exclusive for buying X-Men First Class Blu-Ray).
Wolfpack #01-12 Complete
12 issues pages | 142.2 мb.

Tags: Wolfpack, Rafael Vega, Slag, Wheels Wolinski
Wolfpack is one of the forgotten comics of the 1980s ... and optionally , is not without reason . While Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams opposition to social issues in the pages of Green Arrow / Green Lantern was praised and cited as a pioneering work , Wolfpack, which covers such topics seems to have been largely overlooked. Published in 1988 and is
Ravage 2099 #01-33 Complete
33 issues pages | 315.3 мb.

Tags: Ravage 2099, Doctor Doom, Hela (Tiana)
The comic follows the adventures of Ravage in the year 2099.
Marvel Zombies Supreme #01-05 Complete
HUNGER SUPREME ! They were Squadron Supreme , heroes exiled from another dimension to our own ... but twisted science project object Pegasus infected these defenders with a virulent strain of zombies. Now it's up to a desperate team Special Ops Jill Harper to keep the plague contained in the object - no matter what . But Harper discovers that the
Marvel Tales Vol.2 #01-291 Complete
291 issues pages | 8800 мb.

Tags: Marvel Tales, Absorbing Man, Spider-Man
First «Marvel Tales", which will be published by Marvel Comics. Though, from 20 to 7 years before, Marvel Tales 1 was published Marvel Comics-precursors timely Comics. This series started as Marvel Tales annum in the years 1964 and 1965, before he became a monthly series reprint. Most of the questions were only reprint them, but sometimes they
Punisher Movie Special
69 pages | 32.2 мb.

Tags: Punisher Movie Special, Punisher
The Official Movie Adaptation
Marvel Graphic Novel #01-75 Complete
75 issues pages | 2460 мb.

Tags: Marvel Graphic Novel, Stan Lee, Marvel
Marvel graphic novels. They were huge in the eighties. Often filled with great stories, or introductions to new characters and commands, such as the New Mutants or Futurians. Each magazine had size. Unfortunately, they fell by the wayside in the early '90s, when the format came prestige.
JLA-Avengers - The Collectors Edition
HC/TPB collecting "JLA/Avengers" #1-4 containing additional creator and character bios and. Companion title "Avengers/JLA: Compendium". HC 1st edition printed in 2004, TPB 1st edition printed November 12, 2008.
Criminal - The Sinners #01-05 Complete
5 issues pages | 124.7 мb.

Tags: Criminal - The Sinners, Criminal, Gnarly, Sebastian Hyde, Tracy Lawless
Criminal: The Sinners is an all-new icon Comics limited series created by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips and placed in a series of "Criminal" concrete world. It carries on with the story Tracy Lawless, starting just after the events of the criminal (Volume 1) # 10.
Criminal - The Last of The Innocent #01-04 Complete
Popular crime comic finally returns, and with their most ambitious story yet. Obsession, sex, money, murder, and nostalgia for days long past all collide in the last innocent.
Savage Wolverine #13
Part 2 of 2! Hunting Wolverine leads him to Madripoor, where he makes a shocking discovery. Guest starring role Kitty Pryde
Iron Man - Fatal Frontier #12
74 pages | 41.1 мb.

Tags: Iron Man - Fatal Frontier, Iron Man, Udarnik
This end of the world! Unstable Robot Drummer transforms all the ore on the moon in the liquid metal Phlogistone - a process that will create sufficient space poison to kill everyone on Earth, suggesting that it does not tear apart the moon first. With Tony Stark literally dying on their feet, trying to fly the alien armor and unable to tell

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