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Avengers West Coast #48-102 + Annuals Complete
Continued from West Coast Avengers #46. It starred the Avengers that defended the West Coast of America. The series lasted until issue 102, after which it was rebooted into the Force Works series.
Indestructible Hulk #15
25 pages | 22.8 мb.

Tags: Indestructible Hulk, Hulk, Rick Jones, Thunderbolt Ross, 2014
"Hulk AGENT T.I.M.E." CONCLUSION! Final stand against CHRONARCHISTS! Hulk returns to modern - but WHICH Hulk? And whatever happened to Bruce Banner?
Collection Marvel (20.11.2013, week 47)
19 issues pages | 665.6 мb.

Tags: Collection, Marvel, 20.11.2013, week 47
Collection Marvel Comics for 20.11.2013 (47 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. A+X #14 2. Secret Avengers #11 3. Cable and X-Force #16 4. Young Avengers #12 5. Uncanny X-Men #14 6. Thunderbolts #18 7. Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #06 8. Superior Spider-Man Annual #01 9. Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe #02 10. Fantastic Four #14 11.
A+X #14
25 pages | 31.3 мb.

Captain America + CYCLOPS continue the quest to eradicate Cadre K! Plus: Two former villains ... SUPERIOR Spiderman + MAGNETO! Max Bemis Say Anything Group makes its Marvel Comics writing debut!

A+X #14 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
Secret Avengers #11
INFINITY tie-in! Junkman Brooklyn! Will be our new hero ever to choose a name? And ... oh yeah ... Fury, Coulson and the Iron Patriot certain death. No biggie.
Cable and X-Force #16
In the period after the battle in the X-Force with Uncanny Avengers, mutant powers were dramatically changed the cable. What will this mean when it comes next catastrophic threat is knocking at the door in the X-Force?
Young Avengers #12
Young Avengers against the "Young Avengers." Bets? What have you got? Loki's scheme reaches its final twist. Expect the team simply jaw dropped to the floor and lay there, twitching for the rest of the comic. Tempting offer for Noh-Varr can get an arrow through his head. Other romance-based drama, too, like to kiss the new planetary extinction.
Uncanny X-Men #14
The effects of X-MEN: The Battle for ATOM felt! Magneto goes on a personal mission that sets him at odds with most of the X-Men and the Marvel Universe. New school Xavier changed, but how?
Thunderbolts #18
INFINITY tie! The gangsters, aliens, broken promises, and now ... this? Things could not go more wrong for the lightning ...
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #06
SUPERIOR SIX continues! Spider-Man formed his SUPERIOR superhero team ... of the Sinister Six! As Spider-Man has to deal with the problems of his new team poses, Lightmaster makes his move! Can Spider-Man trust his new team, known for his worst enemies when reformed Masters of Evil to come calling?
Superior Spider-Man Annual #01
This is not no regular annual, Buck-O! This one is important! BLACKOUT is back, and he wants to restore his reputation by killing the toughest guy in town ... Spider-Man! He plans to make Peter Parker Spider trapped. Levers Blackout author? Aunt May! The world will never look at an improved Spider-Man after that. Be there!
Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe #02
When one focuses on the good to die, it does not take long before most successful X-Man, Longshot, is in the sights of the killer. But things quickly go from bad to worse as superheroes, villains, all of SHIELD and even cosmic entities have this for our boy! Finally, there is a Longshot over his head, or he can beat the odds and save the universe
Fantastic Four #14
In Condemned universe! Imagine a place where only five things, the survivors are the Fantastic Four ... and Doctor Doom! How can they save the galaxy used to fuel space empire power-mad to think? And after the shocking end of the issue last month, the first family can hold it together just a little longer?
Dexter #05
24 pages | 24.2 мb.

Tags: Dexter, Dexter Morgan, Dalibor Talajić, Jeff Lindsay, 2014
DEXTER completing all new adventure written by his creator Jeff Lindsay! Dexter Morgan is not just # 1 Miami forensic blood spatter expert, he is also a serial killer who targets other serial killers! Dexter has met his match and he will help to create it? Here it is: The final confrontation between Dexter and his nemesis!
Cataclysm - Ultimate Comics Ultimates #01
Nick Fury defied the odds all his life and is no stranger to the extinction level events. It's time to save the world again ... at any price!
Avengers A.I. #06
The man behind the iron (MAN) Mask Revealed! (Definitely more than meets the eye ...) With teammates Visions in turmoil, that techno-telegenic to do? Why do the morning show rounds, of course! And S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Monica Chang does it. Yes ... it. We can not believe it.
Avengers #23
INFINITY tie - "The Avengers UNIVERSE: VI" Avengers against the Black Order. Battle for Earth is moving PlanetSide. Thanos takes center stage. The battle for Earth moves planetside. Thanos takes center stage.
Daredevil #33
23 pages | 37.5 мb.

Tags: Daredevil, Frankenstein, Living Mummy, Satana, Zombie, 2014
"Monsters Stink!" Daredevil is wrapped up in an adventure that sends his life spinning out of control as we head into the 50th anniversary next year ... and the end of everything Matt Murdock cares!
X-Men Legacy #20
21 pages | 42.6 мb.

Tags: X-Men Legacy, Aarkus, Abigail Brand, Anole, Blindfold, Frenzy, Legion, Pixie, 2014
One of the most problematic personalities Legion threatens to destroy alien species! S.W.O.R.D. Director Abigail Brand in the case - but will it work with David to solve the puzzle of extraterrestrial? Odd couples adventures ensue as David and brand teams to stop the destruction before it starts!
X-Men #7
X-Men: BATTLE OF ATOM, part 7! havoc SCHOOL Jean Grey as X-Men and the Future of X-Men attack! Gray Rachel is the only X-Man qualified to defeat opponents secret!

X-Men #7 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel

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