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Dexter Down Under #01
24 pages | 31 мb.

Tags: Dexter Down Under, Dexter Morgan, Jeff Lindsay
DEXTER returns to the all-new, all-Australian ADVENTURE written by its creator Jeff Lindsay! This new blood soaked adventure starring Dexter Morgan, who is not only number one forensic blood spatter expert Miami ... he is also a serial killer who targets other serial killers! When Dexter goes down under, he quickly discovers that sharks are
Daredevil #36
The Astounding Final Issue!
Avengers World #03
23 pages | 38.8 мb.

Tags: Avengers World, Black Widow, Falcon, Gorgon, Shang-Chi, Wolverine
Shang-Chi against Gorgon - fight to the death for control of the hand. 20 page direct bone-crushing martial arts action like you've never seen it before.
Amazing X-Men #04
Wolverine and Northstar defeated and stranded in. .. Purgatory? Night tries to rally the X-Men to help them save a life after death by Azazel, but they outgunned the demon lord and his hordes!
A+X #17
24 pages | 39.4 мb.

Tags: A plus X, Beast, Broo, Captain America, Cyclops, Doctor Doom, Iron Man
Nominirovannyj premium Emmy writer Jeff Loveness by Jimmy Kimmel Live! show debuts Marvel! Paco Diaz (Wolverine: ÂPONII MOST WANTED) joins Jeff for mating history of Iron Man and the fan-favorite X-STUDENT Broo! Part 5 of this history captain america + Ciklop Jerry Duggan (Deadpool) and Adrina David (X-Factor).

A+X #17 (2014)

Publisher: Marvel
X-Men #11
26 pages | 34.5 мb.

Tags: X-Men, Marvel
Night of the Living Deadpool #03
25 pages | 31.2 мb.

Tags: Night of the Living Deadpool, Deadpool, Cullen Bunn
See disgusting rotting flesh monster Shambling about the landscape! Also: there are zombies in this comic! Do you understand? It was the first of Deadpool.
U.S. 1 #01-12 Complete
12 issues pages | 200.4 мb.

Tags: U.S. 1, Al, Highwayman, Poppa Wheelie, Ulysses Archer, Wide Load Annie
This series of 12 questions was developed for Marvel Tyco, to help promote their U.S. 1 Truck Racing set. The only thing that Ulysses Stone Archer ( Archer USA ) ever wanted to do was ride the big rigs, but his parents wanted him to go to college. After the death of his parents , his brother, Jefferson was convinced that he was able to escape ,
Orson Scott Card's Speaker For The Dead #01-05 Complete
Speaker for the Dead is an award-winning novel decision-Marvel bestselling author and science fiction legend Orson Scott Card.
Night of the Living Dead - Aftermath #01-12 Complete
This Halloween , David ( Civil War X-Men) Hein defines terrifying fear of a new era of ongoing Night of the Living Dead ! Located in excess of the late 1970's we follow the world as it evolved from the zombie threat, disaster they thought that under control. When the city is blocked from quarantine , a group of survivors learns the hard way that
New Invaders #00-09 Complete
10 issues pages | 109 мb.

Tags: New Invaders, Blazing Skull, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Jim Hammond
The New Invaders Vol 1 A series of new team invaders that form, hence the name. Was collected in a paperback titled New Invaders: put an end to all wars.
Formic Wars - Burning Earth #01-07 Complete
7 issues pages | 208.2 мb.

Tags: Formic Wars - Burning Earth, Aaron Johnston, Orson Scott Card
Ender Vihhin may have ended the war with formic human race in the best-selling, award-winning novel "game ender" Orson Scott Card, but struggle to crush bugs began long before the battle strategist even took his first baby steps. Now for the first time ever, fans finally get to see how Ender saga first began with seven limited edition release.
Ender's Game - The League War
Vihhin Ender is not the only genius child to influence the course of Earth's history. Not even the only one in his family. At the end of the final Formic War, the nations of the Earth are scrambling for power ... and Peter and Valentine Vihhin, older and equally intelligent siblings ender to start and end a world war with nothing more than words.
Ender's Game - Recruiting Valentine
Ender Vihhin be in space learning to fight Formics, but his older brothers Peter and Valentine are saving the world on Earth. When Valentine learns of an injustice in her school, she wants to fight it. Enter Peter, who is his sister through the process of nonviolent influence, and sets the ball rolling for his plans to one day rule the world. Jake
Ender's Game - Mazer in Prison Special
In this one-shot prequel to the award-winning novel Ender Game, Mather Your Rakhi Online, the only person ever to win Formics, takes on a new enemy ... International Fleet itself. Burdened careerists and bureaucrats, IF is doomed to fail in the coming war, and only Your Rakhi Online, through a young Hyrum Graff, can rid the IF of its old guard and
Deadpool - The Gauntlet #06
Oh la la! Bonjour happy mercenary! Deadpool city painted in gay pooh-CEA in its ongoing quest to get Queen Shiklah to the church on time! But some vengeful spirits in the catacombs may have other ideas! Infinte adventure comics Deadpool lasts six headed here!

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