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Judge Dredd The Megazine #365
More action and adventure in a future world of Judge Dredd shocked! Dredd investigates questionable foot-on in the Cursed Earth in "El Maldito" Gordon Rennie and Carlos Ezquerra; Brit-Cit Psi Judge Lilian Storm talks off the ground in a storm warning for Leah Moore, John and Tom Reppion Foster; Colonial Marshal Matt Lawson caught in the crossfire
Fangoria (1-285 series)
285 issues pages | 14000 мb.

Tags: Fangoria, Fangoria magazines, Fangoria comics, Gorezone, ToXic
FANGORIA was first planned in 1978 under the name FANTASTICA, as a companion to the science fiction media magazine STARLOG. Just as STARLOG covered science fiction films for a primarily teenaged audience, FANTASTICA was intended to cover fantasy films for a similar readership. The publishers were anticipating a groundswell of interest in that
MAD Magazine #534
61 pages | 67.3 мb.

Tags: MAD Magazine, MAD
This annual summary of MAD's 20 dumbest people of events and things! Thanks to Miley Cyrus, President Obama,-Rod, Paula Deen and blurred lines, there are plenty of stupidity to go around! Plus our complete sham "as follows:" Planet Tad, MAD Strip Club, MAD Look Sergio Aragones' on overnight, Fold-In and much, much more. Buy it today - it would be
Judge Dredd The Megazine #363
127 pages | 174.4 мb.

Tags: Judge Dredd The Megazine, Judge Anderson, Judge Dredd
New readers start here! Bevy of new stories from the world of Judge Dredd Judge Dredd with bumper Megazine # 361! This issue includes: Judge Dredd: El Maldito Gordon Rennie, Carlos Ezquerra and Annie Parkhouse; Demon Nick Paul Grist; Storm warning: Relic Leah Moore, John Reppion Tom Foster Kirsty Swan and Simon Bowland; and Lawless: Between
Judge Dredd The Megazine #358
108 pages | 72.5 мb.

Tags: Judge Dredd The Megazine, Galen DeMarco, Judge Dredd
More action and adventure in a future world of Judge Dredd shocked! Bailiff in the future gets a continental twist in Judge Dredd: The COP Al Ewing, Ben Willsher, and Adam Brown; Jessica has a hunting ashes in the American Reaper III Pat Mills and Clint Langley, a trip to the doctor serves more problems in Marco PI Michael Carroll, Steve Yeowell


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