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Warlord of Mars #35
28 pages | 52.4 мb.

Tags: Warlord of Mars, Dejah Thoris, John Carter
John Carter stumbles into a trap set by a brutal tyrant laying waste to the Red Planet. But at the same time, the tyrant unwittingly reveals his greatest secret, and only weakness. This is exactly what Carter and his family must retaliate - if they survive.
Ash And The Army Of Darkness #06
42 pages | 31.3 мb.

Tags: Ash And The Army Of Darkness, Ash, Wiseman, Steve Niles
Army of Darkness grows as Wiseman's legion of Deadites ransack town after town, burning the building and stealing souls. Ash and mask fighter on the run and find themselves trapped in a dark forest, where old foe awaits Ash.
The Shadow Now #6
Shadow wounded, penniless and on the run. He's down, but he's not out. Khan killer move in for the kill, but the Shadow knows that it is a mistake to consider it. Meanwhile, plans for further testified Khan as he makes new alliances in the underworld of New Yorka.Smertelnaya battle begins as the greatest hero of pulp and villain of all time to
Lady Rawhide #5
23 pages | 57.4 мb.

Tags: Lady Rawhide, Lady, Rawhide, Lady Rawhide comics
How Old Mexico is crushed under the weight of corruption and tyranny, Lady Rawhide - outlaw champion of the oppressed - discovers that she is not fighting in odinochku.Gruppa vigilantes took her fight, but their ruthless methods can place them all in the gun sights of a new deadly enemy ...
The Lone Ranger #23
36 pages | 38 мb.

Tags: The Lone Ranger, Lone Ranger, Tonto
Rainmaker! Nothing was more deadly in the hard life of the pioneers of the Old West than drought. The Lone Ranger and Tonto find themselves embroiled in a violent confrontation between farmers and Native Americans after the scammer posing as a shaman rain promises and fail to deliver. How Ranger will sacrifice to prevent bloodshed? Another
The Shadow #24
25 pages | 42.4 мb.

Tags: The Shadow, Shadow, Garth Ennis
Interesting comic, a mixture of politics, mystery and detective superhero. Well, that Ennis immediately brought the shadow of the shadow and did not describe its origin, kick off the event with a new scene. Picture, too bad, it lives up to expectations.
Warlord of Mars #100
59 pages | 106.1 мb.

Tags: Warlord of Mars, John Carter, Kantos Kan, Tardos Mors
John Carter shed blood in the service of helium. But for thousands of years before his arrival, his adopted homeland has suffered at the hands of other races Mars. Now his victory prompted a legendary hero ... one with genocide agenda payback! When Carter protests, he finds himself on the run with his family. With no friends to turn to unions
Solar - Man of the Atom #1
download free comics Solar - Man of the Atom #1
Captain Action Cat – Digital Exclusive Edition #1
Download comics Captain Action Cat – Digital Exclusive Edition #1
Magnus - Robot Fighter #2
35 pages | 59.2 мb.

Tags: Magnus - Robot Fighter, Leeja, Magnus
Russell Magnus thought he was a normal person living a normal life ... until a massive work not tore it from his home and put him in a world where men are controlled cars! How did he get back to his family? Now the mysterious and deadly Leeja Klein? And why Magnus so damn good at fighting robots? Fred Van LENTE (GI Joe) and Corey Smith (Fathom)
The Twilight Zone #4
32 pages | 40.6 мb.

Tags: Twilight Zone, Twilight Zone comics, Twilight, Zone
You find yourself completely different, not previously conceivable, measuring not only sounds and visions, but also the mind. You find yourself in a country where only your imagination will set you certain limits ...
Flash Gordon #1
34 pages | 90.8 мb.

Tags: Flash Gordon, Flash Gordon comics, Flash, Gordon
In January 7, 1934 Alec Raymond released his first mini-comic about Flash Gordon, a young blond searing opposing universal evil in the face of the Ming on the planet Mongo Merciless.
Kings Watch #5
25 pages | 53.6 мb.

Tags: Kings Watch, Flash Gordon, Mandrake, The Phantom, 2014
The Adventures of Flash Gordon, Phantom and MANDRAKE MAG continues, Jeff Parker (Agents of Atlas, Dark Avengers) and Marc Laming (Planet of the Apes)! Nightmares continue to come from outer space, Flash Gordon sees the alien hell, and now people are killed on the mystery of the hours of kings. Reporter Dale Arden tracks down the secret science
George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones #19
The critically acclaimed epic adaptation ample George Martin! Tyrion, convoyed by a wild clan of warriors (and in a difficult position when both their leader and their hostage) reunites with his father. Soon after, Tywin Tyrion swears to uphold the promise of clans. . . provided that they are fighting for him army against Robb Stark!
Red Sonja #08
42 pages | 44.5 мb.

Tags: Red Sonja, Gail Simone, Walter Geovani
Part 1 of a new story arc! Fresh from her trials Queen plague epic, Sonia is charged with the task of playing bodyguard greatest chef Hyborea, even though it would seem, they all want him to die! Join us on this unique issue recipes, cooking techniques, and decapitation!
Ash And The Army Of Darkness #05
Army of Darkness grows as Wiseman's legion of Deadites ransack town after town, burning the building and stealing souls. Ash and mask fighter on the run and find themselves trapped in a dark forest, where old foe awaits Ash.
The Shadow - Year One #8
36 pages | 39.1 мb.

Tags: The Shadow, Year One, The Shadow - Year One
THE SHADOW is a character that has lasted through decades on the pages of pulp magazines, over the radio airwaves, thru the silver screen, and in the panels of comic books. Shrouded in mystery, his origins have been explored and hinted at over the years...but never fully revealed. Much is known of Kent Allard/Lamont Cranston's years spent in the
Turok – Dinosaur Hunter #3
The main character - redskin Turk - falls into a lost world, pulled out of our time, which runs all the villain Campaigner, hope to seize an ancient artifact called Chronoscepter. With it Kampeyner intends to get into our world and, of course, to capture it.
Green Hornet #11
35 pages | 52.3 мb.

Tags: Green Hornet, Kato, The Green Hornet, 2014
Now, that voice was silenced, a new threat looming city - and without Hornet round to protect citizens, Kato can survive as a solo agent?
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