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Batman Vol.3 #42
21 pages | 31.6 мb.

Tags: Batman, DC, DC comics
DC comics week (07.03.2018, week 10)
17 issues pages | 590.1 мb.

Tags: DC comics week, DC comics, DC, 0-Day Releases, Releases
Collection DC Comics for 07.03.2018 (10 week). The collection includes such comics: 1. The Wild Storm 012 2. The Jetsons 005 3. Shade_ the Changing Woman 001 4. Nightwing 040 5. Harley Quinn 039 6. Harley _ Ivy Meet Betty _ Veronica 006 7. Green Arrow 038 8. Exit Stage Left - The Snagglepuss Chronicles 003 9. Deathstroke 029 10. Black Lightning -
Steel, the Indestructible Man #01-05
The book is an origin story of Steel in 1939 before America enters into war during World War II (WWII). As a civilian Hank goes to Germany and sees a Jewish man receive a beating and fears that the old man was later killed after he left. When he arrives back to the States, he finds that Germany has invaded Poland and he leaves Princeton to join
Legends of The Dark Knight - Jim Aparo Vol.3
Written by legendary scribes including Len Wein, Bob Haney and Denny O’Neil, the stories included in this volume highlight Jim Aparo as one of the greatest Batman artists of his generation, as well as a profound influence on the generation of creators that followed. As one of the premier Batman artists for over two decades, Jim Aparo has been
Legends of the Dark Knight - Jim Aparo Vol.2
Jim Aparo was one of the premier Batman artists of the 1970s, working primarily on the Batman team-up title THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. Now, DC collects Aparo's run on the series in hardcover for the first time from the beginning. Aparo portrayed Batman as a detective who operated in shadow, yet captured the action and thrills of the Caped
Legends of the Dark Knight - Jim Aparo Vol.1
DC collects Aparo's classic run on THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD in hardcover for the first time! These stories feature Batman's team-ups with Robin, Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Teen Titans, Deadman, Wonder Woman, The Demon, The Joker, Aquaman, The Atom and many others, from THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #98, 100-102 and 104-122.
The Terrifics #1
22 pages | 42.0 мb.

Tags: The Terrifics, DC Comics, DC
The Silencer #2
23 pages | 37.4 мb.

Tags: The Silencer, DC Comics, DC
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