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Star Wars - Infinities - The Empire Strikes Back #01-04 + TPB Complete
With the Death Star destroyed, Luke Skywalker leaves Hoth as a Jedi training with Yoda. Han Solo imprisoned in carbonite on Cloud City . Vader's dark secret is revealed . You know the story . Or is not it? ! In a unique infinity of the universe , not to take anything for granted. Have you ever wondered how it would play if Han never rescued
Star Wars - Infinities - A New Hope #01-04 Complete
Star Wars: Infinity - A New Hope, is the first in a series of non-continuity Star Wars stories that Reimagined events of the original Star Wars trilogy movies.
Lobo Mask #01-02 Complete
2 issues pages | 53.4 мb.

Tags: Lobo Mask, Lobo, The Mask, Aliens, Bounty Hunter, Crossover, Magic
Lobo hired and sent to earth to kill the "final Bastich", which destroyed the entire solar system. On his journey, he finds a mask and Togther they try to find the killer.
Star Wars - Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows #3
During the Clone Wars, one soldier left for dead during the battle comes to hate Jedi generals, who left him. Years later, he no longer lives on, bitter and angry, while hearing tales of the great warrior. Now, this clone believes he may have found the leader he should be following all along. . . Darth Vader! The all new series starring Darth
Star Wars - Dawn of the Jedi - Force War #4
Je'daii go on the offensive against the invading Rakatan Empire! Xesh Hound uses his strength training to find the command center Rakatan, which sparks an ambitious plan: to infiltrate the enemy's stronghold and kill the Commander in Chief. But Xesh not have a traitor in their ranks! The war, which determines the future of the Jedi! John
The Strain - The Fall #08
Why Setrakian, an elderly pawnbroker and vampire expert, keep still-beating heart of a vampire in the bank? Horrible tale behind this terrible artifact is a heart-wrenching story, but one that fuels revenge! Meanwhile, in the capture of Dr. Goodweather taken a turn for the worse when he faces execution. . . a vampire!
Skyman #02
25 pages | 43 мb.

Tags: Skyman, Eric Reid, General Abernathy, Lieutenant Sharp
After an embarrassing defeat at the hands of captain midnight, drunk Skyman accidentally kills an innocent man! Needing a new face for their initiative ASAP, Skyman program turns to the U.S. Air Force Sgt. Eric Reid: a wounded veteran on the ropes, looking for a new life.
Conan the Barbarian #25
26 pages | 21.1 мb.

Tags: Conan the Barbarian, Conan, Brian Wood
The penultimate question is a resounding "Queen of the Black Coast" by Brian Wood! Demonic inhabitants River Zarkheba, cost heavy damage from Conan but still they demand more. With nothing to lose, Conan sets out to face the scourge of power which is beyond any earthly reckoning!
B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth 116 - The Reign of the Black Flame #2
Spread of infection in the wastelands of Chicago residents of the Windy City turns into vicious monsters. Whether these creatures and a giant bat monster face-saving stop BPRD of their missing agents? Wasteland Part 2 (of 3) Cowritten Mike Mignola, with art Laurence Campbell (Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine, Punisher MAX)! "This is as good a time as
Venus Wars (Volume 2) 1-10 series
10 issues pages | 65.3 мb.

Tags: Venus Wars, Venus Wars comics, Venus Wars vol 2
Download Venus Wars comics Volume 2
Venus Wars (Volume 1) 1-10 series
10 issues pages | 85.3 мb.

Tags: Venus Wars, Venus Wars comics, Venus Wars vol 1
Download Venus Wars comics Volume 1
The Shadow - In the Coils of Leviathan (1-4 series) Complete
In the first novel Shadow - this man who perfectly mastered the fantastic ability to hide in the shadows disappear , distracting and take the appearance of others. His real face and name are unknown . In the fight with the criminals he helped several people who owe him my life , but who also did not know about it and interact with it , leaving a
Godzilla - King Of The Monsters (0-16 series) Complete
17 issues pages | 172.3 мb.

Tags: Godzilla, Godzilla comics, Godzilla vol 2, King Of The Monsters
For him, human civilization - a worthless anthill home - matchboxes, helicopters - dragonflies annoying. Metropolis for eradication. Army, equipped with the latest technology, unable to resist a giant lizard. A small group of brave souls will find out why Godzilla came in New - York. Perhaps then they will be able to save the city ...
Godzilla (Volume 1) 1-6 series
6 issues pages | 134.8 мb.

Tags: Godzilla, Godzilla comics, Godzilla vol 1
Of the Pacific jungle on the New - York terrible catastrophe loomed. In front of shocked residents crumbling skyscrapers, overturned buses go underground entire neighborhoods. But it's not a hurricane or earthquake. This - Godzilla, the worst monster in history.
Ghost (Volume 2) 1-22 series
22 issues pages | 320 мb.

Tags: Ghost, Ghost comics, Ghost vol 2
Elisa learns from the mysterious Concordia Leveche that she is not really dead. Instead, her "death" is linked to Scythe and Trouvaille, who have been running experiments through which souls are stripped from bodies, the souls "rendered" and then replaced with beings from another dimension. Trouvaille captures Elisa and shows her the tape. From
Ghost (Volume 1) 1-36 series
36 issues pages | 453.5 мb.

Tags: Ghost, Ghost comics, Ghost vol 1
Special, X 8, V1 #1-12: Elisa Cameron is dead. She has a sister, Margo Cameron, with whom she slowly reconciles and moves in with, as well as two recently sober parents, who are eventually murdered by a shadowy psionic that seems to know something about her past as a reporter, apparently slain over a story she was covering. Her natural weakness is

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