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Scamp (Volume 1) 5-16 series
12 issues pages | 267 мb.

Tags: Scamp, Scamp comics, Adventure, Tramp, dell comics
Adventure puppy scamp son-Lady and the Tramp.
Kid Eternity (Volume 1) 1-18 series
18 issues pages | 504.8 мb.

Tags: Kid Eternity, Kid Eternity comics, Quality Comics
The title character was created in 1942 by Otto Binder and Sheldon Moldoffom for Quality Comics. Kid - unnamed boy who died at a young age : the boat on which they sailed with his grandfather , a sailor , sank a German submarine. In the afterlife boy learned that bureaucratic error angel clerk he died prematurely , and actually he was supposed to
Commando #4695 - 4702
8 issues pages | 209.9 мb.

Tags: Commando, Danny Cooper
Haunted #01
25 pages | 38.5 мb.

Tags: Haunted, Scott Chitwood, Danny Luckert
When the barrier between our world and the spiritual realm is broken, the earth is becoming ghosts. Now the only survivor can be kept under control to close the barrier, but first she has to run the gauntlet of ghosts in the most haunted in the world. Posted in Free Comic Book Day 2014.
Lunita #02
33 pages | 54.6 мb.

Tags: Lunita, Agent Summer, Xavier Morell
D.E.A. Agent Summers and her partner hunt a mysterious foggy Lunita organization that sells the drug with the supernatural throughout Europe. They have to hide in the depths of the forest. Virgin forests, many fairy tales, legends and mythical creatures that can be real!
Elephantmen #56
29 pages | 60.8 мb.

Tags: Elephantmen, Trench, Richard Starkings
"Blood and Sand" Shaky Kane returns to ELEPHANTMEN tell the story binds LAPD lieutenant in the basin.
Deadly Class #04
Class trip! Marcus, Willie and Cy break through the neon-soaked Las Vegas, high on life ... oh, and a bunch of acid too. And when you're a teen-killer to account, haunting distorted psycho with raging hard on revenge, you're in one baaad trip.
Black Science #06
30 pages | 54.5 мb.

Tags: Black Science, Chandra, Grant McKay, Kadir, Nathan McKay, Pia McKay
Stranded in the most dangerous dimension still rage Grant McKay in his former boss break. Oblivious to the chaos around them, the two finally come to blows! Only one thing is certain: in front pillar makes his next leap ... one of them must die! Do not miss the conclusion to the first arc of greater peace of mind melting sci-fi comics!
Umbral #06
34 pages | 52 мb.

Tags: Umbral, Rascal, Antony Johnston
"Chasing Shadows" Conclusion order one! The fraudster goes into the clutches of RedGuard, but it will cost her more than she could ever imagine! Where can it go? Who can she trust? Are you sure? Because nothing seems doubtless more. And by the end of this issue, no one is above suspicion!
Ten Grand #09
26 pages | 32.6 мb.

Tags: Ten Grand, Joe Fitzgerald, J. Michael Straczynski
When Joe Fitzgerald was hired to find fugitive, he never thought that the desire is to take his case to the afterlife, keeping track of who was also responsible for the death of the woman he loved. Crossing into hell, Joe finally learns that what seemed like a simple case actually a plot to destroy the walls of Heaven to overthrow God and creation
Dream Police #01
30 pages | 53.9 мb.

Tags: Dream Police, Frank Stanford, Joe Thursday
The dream police detective Joe Thursday and Frank Stanford were partners as long as they can remember , patrolling alternate universe of dreams, nightmares and the great void beyond, in the alternative, but very real dimension of foundlings , echo, patches , ethers, and nightwalkers, those who died in his sleep and wander fantastic landscape
Bad Dreams #01
23 pages | 30.5 мb.

Tags: Bad Dreams, Gary Winnick
With one of the creators of Maniac Mansion Lucasfilm comes lavishly illustrated twisted tale of imagination reflected on the classic fairy tale tradition. When Mother Night goes missing, it is slowly losing their minds from lack of sleep. A strange group of misfits Dreamworld must unite to find it.
Atomic Robo Vol.9 - Knights of the Golden Circle #01
There was an explosion of some crystals, many benches, and several nuclear warheads. Also, crazy time travel dinosaur. Now it's 1884 and Atomic Robo against the notorious "Butcher Boys. 'The fate of the West is in danger, but can Atomic Robo save the day before its nuclear fuel is exhausted?
Super! #04
33 pages | 59.6 мb.

Tags: Super, unlikely heroes studios
Southern Bastards #01
36 pages | 74.8 мb.

Tags: Southern Bastards, Earl Tubb, Jason Aaron
Welcome to Craw County, Alabama, home of Boss BBQ, state champion Runnin 'REBS football team ... and more bastards than you've ever seen. When you get angry old as Earl Tubb, the only way to survive a place like this ... is really holding a big stick. From hands-free commands Aaron and JASON JASON Latour, the same bastards who brought you the
2000AD 1879
32 pages | 28.6 мb.

Tags: 2000AD, Rebellion, Phil Winslade
More SF barnstorming thrill of Eisner nominated anthology UK! Secrets of a mysterious section of the Ministry of Justice revealed in 7 Judge Dredd: Mega-City Confidential; Then future LAWMAN rash tackle from shooting spree in 'shooters night; Celtic barbarian Slaine crosses the causeway to the island terrifying Monadh manslaughter; The number of
Outlaw Territory Vol.3
Join us for the last time, as critics Outlaw Territory anthology returns with the largest volume ever! Thirty-five tales of the Old West from some of the biggest and brightest talent in the industry today den.Prekrasnym addition to any comic lover or bookshelf Western enthusiast. Facing such an extraordinary collection of graphic storytelling
Outlaw Territory Vol.2
250 pages | 121.1 мb.

Tags: Outlaw Territory, Joshua Dysart, Robert Kirkman
Explore a dark and gritty history of America, known as the Wild West! Outlaw Territory continues to provide some of the best and brightest creators in comics as they weave their own brand of tales about the Old West.
Outlaw Territory Vol.1
242 pages | 365.4 мb.

Tags: Outlaw Territory, William Simpson, Steven Grant
Outlaw Territory is a collection of stories from a rougher and grittier time in America - stories about the old west from some of the best and brightest writers in the industry, lavishly illustrated by amazing talent and experienced.

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