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Dumbing of Age Vol.1 - This Campus Is A Friggin' Escher Print
It's Joyce's first day in public education, and everybody's first day in college.
Sheltered Vol.2
131 pages | 174.4 мb.

Tags: Sheltered, Lucas, Victoria, Ed Brisson
Collects covered with # 6-10. Violence erupts in a safe haven when the crew outsiders to come. Victoria tries to take control of the connection, but Lucas and his followers have other plans.
Dumbing of Age Vol.3 - Your Stupid Overconfidence is Nostalgic
Joyce home schooling, and those first few weeks of college was his first foray into public education. But now it's Freshman family weekend, and her family returned to check on it. College Joyce has changed?
Dumbing of Age - The Cragged Shame Pits of the Lustwolves Vol.2
The second week of college Joyce sends all on the beach (or what passes for one in Indiana), Dorothy finds unlikely love interest, Amazi-Girl blows, and Sarah tells why she is so bitter crankshaft.
Protectors Inc. Vol.1
Chicago looking for Protectors Inc., a corporation leasing super-powered men and women, franchises and characters and press secretaries ... Making money and enjoy the prestige and power in the world without a super-powered bad guys. But when one of the defenders found murdered, the trail starts to one of his other teammates. None of them wants to
Orphans Vol.1
127 pages | 145.1 мb.

Tags: Orphans, Alexis Quinn, Eric Palicki
Alexis Quinn and his team of superhumans refuse to accept dangerous technologies out of the hands of murderers and distribute it where it will save lives instead of ending them. Orphans supermen against the military-industrial complex.
East of West - The World
36 pages | 14 мb.

Tags: East of West - The World, Jonathan Hickman
"THE WORLD" A separate comprehensive view of the wider world EAST WEST. Atlas part of the encyclopedia of scale and of the Apocrypha, east of the West: The World Is Must-Have One-Shot fascinating addition to the series. NOTE: EAST WEST: the world will contain a key plot details and character that will be in the next series ... so do not miss it!
119 pages | 197.4 мb.

Tags: Debris, Kurtis J. Wiebe, Riley Rossmo
In the far future, humanity is doomed planet Earth rot and decompose, covering the surface with debris. Now, old perfume called Colossals rise from the wreckage and attack survivors, forcing humanity to the brink of extinction. After the attack left his people without water, Maya, last defender, sets out on a journey to pure water to save the

Debris (2013)

Publisher: Other
Brian & Bobbi Vol.1
123 pages | 101.8 мb.

Brian went completely unnoticed all his life, even though born with amazing superpowers. Bobby is the illegitimate daughter of a superhero who can not seem to convince anyone, it is just a normal kid. Through case, the two meet and what results it comes of age tale set on the larger than life backdrop of a superhero. This graphic novel where the
39 Minutes Vol.1
130 pages | 172.4 мb.

Tags: 39 Minutes, William Harms
Bank Robbery is easy, it is difficult GETAWAY bank surrounded by police, anxiety roar, scream customers and employees, and the streets blocked off. So the solution? Kill all in!
SpongeBob Comics #39
Sneaky cartoonist (ie, normal cartoonist) is SpongeBob and Patrick Star in the new hit comic strip "PlungeBob and Splatrick" - salty and friends can not handle fame! Then, in the "Ship Wrecked" cruise vacation Mrs. Puff been severely compromised certain hare fry cook. Plus: Kaz (Underworld) and Gary Leib (Idiotland) tell the customer who hates
Sinergy #02
32 pages | 34.8 мb.

Tags: Sinergy, Jess, Taki Soma
Monster hunting is hard for families, especially when it's a secret! Jesse can not believe that her boyfriend may be the same monster father warned her about! In addition, in this matter, backup story about a monster men written and drawn on Taki SOMA!
Sheltered Vol.1
130 pages | 158.4 мb.

Tags: Sheltered, Safe Haven, Ed Brisson
Special low introductory price! PRE-apocalyptic TALE survival at any cost. Men and women in the shelter prepared for all end-of-world scenario for many years. Nevertheless, their bunkers, weapons and training can not save them from a threat that they could never have expected: their own children. Collects sheltered # 1-5.
The Tower Chronicles Book 1 - Geisthawk
He lives to kill the dead. Author: Matt Wagner, an award-winning creator of Grendel and Mage, and co-created with Thomas Tull, Executive Producer of 300 and The Dark Knight, this hardcover edition collects Tower Chronicles: GeistHawk, volumes 1-4, epic, which rasskazyvaetpervy compelling story of John Tower supernatural bounty hunter who tracks
The Sword and The Butterfly
207 pages | 234.6 мb.

Tags: The Sword and The Butterfly, Matthias Wolf, Jim Jimenez
A teenage girl was fighting for the right to be "Guardian" sword Excalibur. Now she must face her childhood demons and return the weapon to the true king. He is England's only hope against the darkness that idet.God 1910 and the legend of Excalibur continues.
Simpsons Illustrated #14
Explore facts, failures and weaknesses of the busiest, bureaucratic business in Springfield - unemployment in the office! Every citizen has a story to tell. Then, Bart mistaken for a big ugly fish - on Feios Peixes Grande - and should run for their lives from the revenge-obsessed crew of sailors. And finally, after winning a free trip to Krusty
Simpsons Comics Presents Bart Simpson #93
Bart and Milhouse sends a run on a wild goose chase to "cyber" zoo animals run amok. Then, Bart has its own plan to get the goat Lisa when he puts in correspondence with a distant land.
Mean Team
219 pages | 190.2 мb.

Tags: Amok, Mean Team, Bad Jack Keller, Bilk, Emerald Eyes, Hammer
In 2886, Death-Bowl is the most popular sport in the galaxy - people and machines against each other in a brutal gladiator fights! The average team over another person, robbery, limb-tearing, gut-busting classic from the pages of the legendary British comic 2000 AD. In the history of the game, 'Bad' Jack Keller and his group of hardened killers,

Mean Team (2013)

Publisher: Other
Interloper - Death Takes a Knight Vol.1
What is Interloper? Highlander Undead. In the 48 page graphic novel, Grim Reaper creates its own knight to destroy all earthly undead. This origin story, the Patriarch's death creates Grim Knight called the offender to maintain the universal balance of mortals and immortals in the supernatural story, full of werewolves, demons and a rabbit named
Epochalypse #01
37 pages | 66.5 мb.

Tags: Epochalypse, Jonathan Hennessey, Shane Davis
Legendary Comics is the story on its head with a sci-fi adventure Epochalypse, mind-bending new series from the historical author Jonathan Hennessey (Constitution of the United States: Graphic adaptation) and famous artist Shane Davis (Superman: Earth One). When the mysterious phenomenon of space-time is 600 years of human history to collapse in

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