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Dredd Underbelly
38 pages | 23.9 мb.

Tags: Dredd Underbelly, Judge Anderson, Judge Dredd
One shot sequel movie critics! In the wake of the death of Ma-Ma, other criminal groups in Mega-City One move in the power vacuum, trying to fill a gap in the market left by the drug slow motion. Dump the corpse found in the RAD-pit, authorities are revealed to be mutants. May be associated with dead outfit smuggling illegal refugees into the city
The Bounce #09
34 pages | 36 мb.

Tags: The Bounce, Corvan Moore
When Darling held a dinner party, you'd better believe that there is something special on the menu! Meanwhile, failure finds himself public enemy number one! The police are after him! Military after him! What happens when a superhero head facing straight world?
Raven Nevermore #01
36 pages | 74.3 мb.

Tags: Raven Nevermore, Corvan Moore
Metropolis city gear, year X-120. Nightwatcher bastion Guard Captain, Corvan Moore, is determined to bring down Mortoni Family dreamdust drug operations. What he reveals the path that the great enemy was awakened in him ... and he wants to be free.
Witchblade #172
33 pages | 48 мb.

Tags: Witchblade, Magdalena, Sara Pezzini, The Angelus
Sara Pezzini soon discover who Witchblade decided to be its next bearer ...
Revival #17
34 pages | 55.4 мb.

Tags: Revival, Aaron Weimar, Dana Cypress, Em Cypress, May Tao
Dana chases down the killer, and Em wonders if she becomes a murderer. Secrets are revealed! Someone dies!
Cyberforce #08
32 pages | 60.4 мb.

Tags: Cyberforce, Ballistic, Ninja, Stryker, Velocity
STRYKER unarmed What's left of humanity Morgan Stryker? He is more than a man ... he more or death machine?
Super Dinosaur #21
The search for a cure for his mother takes Derek and Super Dinosaur to some interesting ... and dangerous places. Will they find him in time?
Invincible #108
32 pages | 42.6 мb.

Tags: Invincible, Angstrom Levy, Atom Eve, Conquest, General Kregg
Angstrom Levy life hangs in the balance. Undefeated for help?
East of West #09
33 pages | 32.8 мb.

Tags: East of West, Death, Famine, Pestilence, War
"HUNTER" Ranger and finally death in a collision inevitable meeting laws and inevitability.
Five Weapons #06
"Back in class," Part One Enrique returns to school five weapons, the place where children learn the art of killing. At this time, everyone knows his true identity as a servant of the lower class. Everyone knows that he can not use weapons. Everyone accepts the status of Enrique, for one student ... Tyler, who knows every trick sleeve Enrique
Thief of Thieves #19
Special Agent Cohen Conrad haunts every step. Still ... End BOP thieves arc Andy Diggle never ends real BANG.
Black Science #03
32 pages | 70.3 мb.

Tags: Black Science, Grant McKay
Bruised and battered, Grant McKay and his team have been at the forefront of European savages final confrontation "against the Sons of Wakan Tanka Tech-. Would it reverse Manifest Destiny to claim the lives of the members of the League of anarchists scientists? Or will they be betrayed by one of their own?
Clone #14
31 pages | 62.3 мb.

Tags: Clone, Amelia Taylor, Luke Taylor
"No Mercy" When America's war against clones reaches its climax, Luke can bring their brothers to the rescue?

Clone #14 (2014)

Publisher: Other
Saga #18
34 pages | 33 мb.

Tags: Saga, Alana, D. Oswald Heist, Gwendolyn, Hazel, Izabel, Klara, Lying Cat
Our heroes' stay on Quietus reaches its inevitable conclusion.

Saga #18 (2014)

Publisher: Other
The Saviors #02
32 pages | 32.6 мb.

Tags: The Saviors, Tomas Ramirez
Not safe, uneventful life of Thomas is no more. He knows the aliens among us. As a result, Thomas is now on the run for their lives, desperate answers and their own survival in a world where suddenly nothing makes sense and nowhere is safe. And ... where aliens are invincible.
Escape From The Dead #01
13 issues pages | 23.9 мb.

Tags: Escape From The Dead, Talon Moon
Masquerading as a prisoner, Talon Moon returns to Earth on a mission that will determine the survival of the human race. To succeed, he must survive an army of flesh-eating zombies and well -armed enemy , who knows his purpose . Outnumbered and outmatched, Claw " saved" by a man whom he hoped to find . Now enclosed in a sexually charged fortress
The Web (1-14 series + annual) Complete
15 issues pages | 223.8 мb.

Tags: The Web, The Web comics, Impact comics
The 90's revamp of the web published by Impact comics. This time, instead of being based on the classic Archie comics crime fighting superhero, the web is a group of government secret agents in super powered suits of armour.
The Comet (1-18 series + annual) Complete
19 issues pages | 259.8 мb.

Tags: The Comet, The Comet comics, Impact comics
The Comet was one of the many Archie Red Circle heroes acquired by DC and published as part of DC's Impact comic imprint. The series lasted 18 issues plus The Comet Annual #1.
Regulators (1-3 series) Complete
3 issues pages | 57.2 мb.

Tags: Regulators, Regulators comics, download Regulators, Young Blood
One of the ringleaders of the underworld vendetta, has assembled a team led by Blackjack, a former trainee Young Blood.

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