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Invincible Universe #10
Welcome to the wedding Knockout Kid and Tora! Even with all invited to Invincible Universe, there are bound to be some Party Crashers!
Drumhellar #04
33 pages | 44.7 мb.

Tags: Drumhellar, Riley Rossmo
When the immortal celebrity talk radio detects a slight problem with the live-forever, he turns to Drum Hellar, psychedelic detective for help. But drum got its problems. He's in jail, in the doghouse with his girlfriend and in serious need of drugs! He will have to take desperate and deadly-action!
Artifacts #34
33 pages | 52.7 мb.

Tags: Artifacts, Ian Nottingham, Eugene Ward
TOP COW'S SECOND 2012 TALENT HUNT-WINNING TEAM! Ian Nottingham has blood Sword - so why did not he use it? He wants to know if he could pull off three major clans Tokyo yakuza overnight without demonic down three of the major Tokyo Yakuza clans in a single night without the demonic weapon.
Aphrodite IX #08
27 pages | 53.3 мb.

Tags: Aphrodite IX, Aphrodite XV
Is Aphrodite XV a threat? Or an ally?
The Fox #04
36 pages | 80.2 мb.

Tags: The Fox, The Shield, J.M. DeMatteis
It's an epic fight between Fox and the mad king of diamonds in Freak Magnet: Part Four "Voodoo You Do!" Who will win the battle diamonds? And where is the queen? The answer will surely surprise you! Meanwhile, in "The Face of Hate, Part 3: mind Shattered Glass" Shield is on the verge of defeat at the hands of the mysterious and powerful hitter!
2000AD 1867
Fight the power! Johnny Alpha leads the charge as Strontium Dogs take the normal forces in the battle for the survival of mutants! Also in this issue: Judge Dredd, Grey Area, Ulysses Sweet, strontium dogs, and a new one-and-done Future Shock! Available worldwide day and date-DRM-free digital AD through the online store in 2000 or 2000 AD IPad app!
Secret #05
33 pages | 34.2 мb.

Tags: Secret, Jonathan Hickman, Ryan Bodenheim
"Eyes Open" It is not important that you work or who you work for, this discovery is why you were hired in the first place. Check out the latest chapter bookend series is guaranteed to completely clear your head back, Secret # 5: eyes open!
Minimum Wage #02
34 pages | 46.2 мb.

Tags: Minimum Wage, May, Rob Hoffman
What dirty outgoing messages, the missing parts of the monster set, and condoms should do with each other? They are all pieces of the puzzle of life puzzle Rob in the second monthly issue so real it hurts-in series BOB Fingerman. Also, things heat up between Rob and his new gal pal, May. Tune in!
Five Ghosts #09
32 pages | 80.3 мb.

Tags: Five Ghosts, Fabian Gray, Frank J. Barbiere
"Lost coastlines," Part Three Dark shadow from the past Fabian closes in.
Apocalypse Al #01
38 pages | 90.6 мb.

Tags: Apocalypse Al, Alison Carter, J. Michael Straczynski
Alison Carter, a private detective . Her beat: end of the world , or, more precisely , preventing same . With an attitude " shoot first and the hell with the issues , " she leads a life that would control other investigators mind filled with monsters, demons , trolls , mad prophets , zombie detectives technomages , machine-gun toting devils and
Invincible Vol.2 - Eight is Enough
130 pages | 142.7 мb.

Tags: Invincible, Mature, Slice of Life, Superhero, Robert Kirkman
Includes issues # 5-8! Collection Issues 5-8 invincible! "Undefeated Family" is finally starting to get a handle on the whole superhero thing, while Mark plans for college and often referred to the Guardians of the globe, finally introduced in this feature-length trade paperback showing that undoubtedly is the most shocking and unexpected chapter
Copra #12 - Locus Solus
30 pages | 65.8 мb.

Tags: Copra, Lloyd, Sonia Stone
COPRA № 12 is the latest chapter in a famous action comic book series written, drawn and colored by Michel Fiffe. After a tumultuous year of adventures and disappointments, this question brings us to the final stretch of bloody psychedelic saga of our gang. Imprint: COPRA is a 24 page comic book in full color printed on cougar opaque stock and
Legend of the Shield Annual
The only annual from the short lived 90's revamp of the classic Archie character the Shield, published by Impact comics. This version has soldier Michael Barnes recruited to be a new generation of armoured super soldier. The feature story in this annual ties in with the Earth Quest story that ran through all of the Impact annuals involving all the
Gargoyles (1-12 series) Complete
12 issues pages | 249.9 мb.

Tags: Gargoyles, Gargoyles comics, Nightwatch, Phoenix
Gargoyles series tells the story - ancient creatures that lived in Scotland. Day - statue at night - warriors. But after the betrayal by their friend, they had to turn to stone for a thousand years, and eggs gargoyles take in a safe place. Gargoyles woke up in his castle, which was on top of the building of a multinational corporation Zanatosa
Legend of the Shield (1-16 series) Complete
16 issues pages | 205.4 мb.

Tags: Legend of the Shield, Legend of the Shield comics, Legend, Shield
The early 90's revamp/revival of the classic Archie comics character The Shield. Published by Impact comics. In this one a new Shield, Michael Barnes, an American soldier, is recruited by a secret government project to wear an experimental suit of armoire that makes him impervious to weapons and become a heroic American icon and public face for
Judge Dredd in America
Dredd - American law enforcement officer in the city of the future Mega City, where the judge, dressed in uniforms, combine the powers of police, judge and executioner. Dredd and his colleagues are empowered to ensure that arrest, sentence and even execute criminals on the spot. The character was created in March 1977, writer John Wagner and
Jaguar Annual
52 pages | 22.5 мb.

Tags: Jaguar Annual, Jaguar, Annual, Jaguar comics
The only Annual issue of the short lived Jaguar series published by Impact Comics, starring the 90s female revamp of the classic Archie comics character.
Impact Christmas Special
A special one-shot featuring the 90s revamps of classics Archie characters published by Impact comics in the early 90's. Note that the cover says "Impact Winter Special", but the indicia says "Impact Christmas Special #1, published by DC Comics" The feature story featured all of the Impact heroes teaming up together to save President Bush Sr. from
Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #84
Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose is an American comic book, written and drawn by Jim Balent with coloring and lettering by Holly Golightly and published by Broadsword Comics since 1999. It is the story of Tarot, a warrior witch, and her family, friends and lovers. The comic generally features stories of fantasy action and adventure interspersed with
Dredd Underbelly
38 pages | 23.9 мb.

Tags: Dredd Underbelly, Judge Anderson, Judge Dredd
One shot sequel movie critics! In the wake of the death of Ma-Ma, other criminal groups in Mega-City One move in the power vacuum, trying to fill a gap in the market left by the drug slow motion. Dump the corpse found in the RAD-pit, authorities are revealed to be mutants. May be associated with dead outfit smuggling illegal refugees into the city

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