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Behemoth #03
25 pages | 27,7 мb.

Tags: Behemoth, General Rayne, Rex, Theresa
Teresa goes through her training, she and Rex are close. General Rhine sees proximity as an obligation. He decides to recall Teresa, Rex, and the rest of the package, where the power really lies.
The Fox #05
27 pages | 36 мb.

Tags: The Fox, Kitsune, the Ghost Fox
"Fox Hunt" Part 4. Fox was broken, thrown, struck, crushed, shot at choked by a virtual army of supervillains, but nothing prevents Paula Patton, Jr. from the search of his son! But that was just for starters, get ready for intense action and psychedelic paranoia as Fox both sides of the border between reality and the world of nightmare! Who is
2000AD 1942
32 pages | 36.7 мb.

Tags: 2000AD, Anthology, 2000AD comics
Future Primitive #03
20 pages | 46.6 мb.

Tags: Future Primitive, Kulkan, Kevin Gunstone
After a brutal encounter with Australopitek "clan", Kulkan, warrior king Neanderthal Sky carrier returns to Ytza - where he discovers a terrifying truth about the mysterious moon phenomenon fueling hunger clan war?
DIS - The Satan Machine #02
28 pages | 33.5 мb.

Tags: DIS - The Satan Machine, John Corvus, Kevin Gunstone
After receiving a mysterious tip-off that takes him in South London Cemetery, Corvus facing chilling ceremony of human sacrifice. Close the death of John ends with the suffering of the victim - only to discover the deceased British government minister ...
Copperhead #09
31 pages | 55.7 мb.

Tags: Copperhead, Budroxifinicus, Jay Faerber
You wanted more Boo? You got more Boo.
Captain Canuck #03
Aleph Part 3: Down / Arctic Attack: Part 3 The Oilsands burn! Canadian captain should break through hell to find out what happened to the workers Zombified dolls while receiving survivors alive and uninfected. Across the country, a Canadian brother, Michael Evans tested on whether it can put loyalty to his brother and balance, before the
2000AD 1941
32 pages | 36.5 мb.

Tags: 2000AD, Anthology, 2000AD comics
ICE - Bayou Blackout #03
27 pages | 29.7 мb.

Tags: ICE - Bayou Blackout, Cole Matai, Doug Wagner
Now deep in the Louisiana Bayou, Cole faces off against the devil in the flesh, the leader of the terrorist group Infektsi. And while the devil is pure evil, this time he fights a man with his own demons locked up, and they are begging to get out. Do not miss the powerful conclusion to the title calls it "the series, I will
ICE - Bayou Blackout #02
28 pages | 33.3 мb.

Tags: ICE - Bayou Blackout, Cole Matai, Ezra Delgado
With the supply of electricity to the entire city of New Orleans, chaos. Meanwhile, at a local hospital, a terrorist group known as the Chechen Infektsi has his first encounter with ICE agents Cole and Ezra. Bullets fly and the effect of the ramp while in Crescent City burns!
ICE - Bayou Blackout #01
42 pages | 44.1 мb.

Tags: ICE - Bayou Blackout, Cole Matai, Ezra Delgado
Infektsi, a group of Chechen mercenaries who came to the city of New Orleans, leaving a trail of bodies in his path. ICE agents Cole and Ezra head to Louisiana to try to keep terrorists from taking the main center of the US power grid. Starting directly from FCBD, you will not want to miss the giant-sized, 40-page issue.
Simpsons Comics Presents Bart Simpson #97
In order to earn enough money for some tickets for the match professional wrestling, Bart gets a job at Kwik-E-Mart. And then, in order to put food on the table, the bus driver Otto offers its services (as well as the bus Springfield Elementary) as "Uber" driver-type. In addition, Ralph explores his love of nature.
Simpsons Comics #222
When Marge is sent to prison on trumped-up charge of women, it is up to your favorite chubby Schlump Springfield to get her out of this dump. Yes, we are talking about Homer Simpson - and puts a woman, a crime and go to jail in order to break his wife out of the slammer may be less than it cares.

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