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Tales Of Honor Bred To Kill #00 - Free Comic Book Day
The original story Honor Harrington! Located in the universe of the best-selling military science fiction novels by David Weber, a self-contained zero, leading to the question of a new ongoing series is also launching in May. On patrol in the Silesian Confederacy, honor and crew to pursue the pirate ship only to have it extract its human cargo of
Spawn Origins Collection Vol.10
Tough hunting CY-Gor to Spawn reaches its peak in a fierce battle in the streets. While Spawn busy family Fitzegerald suffering in the hands of the kidnapping of a clown who takes Cyan. Throw Angela and Jason Wynn back to spawn in the mix and really got their hands full! Relive the excitement of one of the best-selling independent comic book of
Spawn Origins Collection Vol.9
Spawn: Origins of the family book adds another beautiful member to her growing family Spawn: Origins, v. 9! Collection of classic questions Spawn, Spawn creator written by Todd McFarlane with fan favorite Greg Capullo provide stellar work in pencil. Traveling with Spawn, he attends the fifth level of hell, only to fight with someone other than
Zombie International #03
24 pages | 24.5 мb.

Tags: Zombie International, Ernesto Santana, The swabianS
From dawn to death In the "From Dusk Till death" we experience as Ernesto Santana won his bloody battle for survival in Los Angeles in 1991, he was not the only survivor in a city full of the undead, nor is it one-on-one with our anger biting friends. And so we find two patrol confronted with a seemingly invincible superiority of hungry zombies.
The Trial of Atomic Robo
12 pages | 12.5 мb.

Tags: The Trial of Atomic Robo, Atomic Robo, Dr. Dinosaur
Objection! Canceled! Exciting courtroom drama ripped from the headlines! This test century, when dinosaur sues robot. Special star guest house: a blast! Names have been changed to protect the innocent.
The Mad Mummy #03
29 pages | 34.5 мb.

Tags: The Mad Mummy, Aten Ra, Mike Vosburg
When you click the military, business and political men trying to evict Harperlys and Mad Mom, Adam Rey, from his current residence LA he goes on the offensive. It's not nice to mess with Mad Mummy!
The Mad Mummy #02
31 pages | 42.8 мb.

Tags: The Mad Mummy, Aten Ra, Mike Vosburg
Cursed to roam the world for eternity, the high priest of Aton Ra are now trying to make the best of it enjoyed the sunshine and live in a quiet section of Los Angeles. Then the reincarnation of a woman who ruined his life shows up. These guys just can not catch a break.
Spring-Heeled Jack #01-03
3 issues pages | 65.6 мb.

Tags: Spring-Heeled Jack, Arthur Conan Doyle, Joseph Bell
The police left the case to a standstill Spring-heeled Jack, which is expected to be able to breath fire and jump through the building. They call the young Arthur Conan Doyle and his mentor Joseph Bell to bring the guilty to justice once and for all. However, the duo will be pushed to the limits as they come against threats that can not be stopped
Silver Shadow Vol.1 - ... vs. Duke Oxian
This one shot, Silver Shadow battle Prince Oxian, evil artificial intelligence that will eventually lead to the formation of a stranger.
Serial Artist
167 pages | 269.5 мb.

Tags: Serial Artist, Robert Randle
Gallery of Fine Arts artist claimed that the subjects of his paintings are his murder victims that all the evidence needed to solve his crimes hidden in his work, and he challenged the world to catch it. The night he caused a worldwide sensation, which greatly polarizes the population among its loyal supporters and his fiercest critics, all
Howtoons - (Re)ignition Vol.1
141 pages | 347.4 мb.

Tags: Howtoons - (Re)ignition, Celine, Tucker
HOWTOONS DIY adventure returns with all-new sci-fi! Celine and parents Tuck in putting them to sleep for centuries to travel from the energy crisis, but when they wake up in the distant future, and mom and dad do not have enough, it is the children who have to save the day! Celine and the fat must explore strange new land using your skills
Enormous #01
51 pages | 85 мb.

Tags: Enormous, Tim Daniel
In the midst of a planetary crisis, food and fuel, the vast ecological cataclysm has generated "enormous," the massive beasts unlike anything ever encountered. Humanity is struggling to avoid extinction. The original one-shot graphic novel back in the ongoing series as a companion for the new live-action web series from the Machinima!
Cannons in the Clouds #05
24 pages | 32.6 мb.

Tags: Cannons in the Clouds, Robb Cadman, Sela Windbourne
Villages tries to find a way to rescue Robb from the clutches of people who were chasing them. Can she find her way back to the bank and find out where he was a prisoner, and if so, they both managed to escape alive? Find out in this exciting conclusion to the first arc.
Atomic Robo Vol.9 - ... and the Knights of the Golden Circle
Baron Heinrich von Helsingard ready to conquer the Old West with its invincible army automatic soldiers and military airship Basilisk. Atomic Robo, Doc Holliday, and Marshal Bass Reeves all that stands between him and total conquest. But they outmanned, they were outgunned, they do not have good plans, and there is no way to get out alive. Oh, and
Atomic Robo Vol.8 - ... and the Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur
Atomic Robo investigating Cryptid surveillance near the old Nazi space program, "Science", the city buried deep in the Venezuelan wilderness. Meanwhile, a mysterious package delivered Tesladyne - by Hasim quarantine zone. This is from ALAN? Majestic 12? Or something completely different? If only the name might shed some light on it!
Atomic Robo Vol.7 - ... and the Flying She-Devils of the Pacific
Invented by Nikola Tesla in 1923, Atomic Robo continued to be a soldier, scientist, entrepreneur and researcher, whose adventures around the globe. It begins, if you could not guess from the title, in the vast South Pacific okeana.God 1951 World War II came to a conclusion, just six years ago, but it's a sign still felt in this remote corner of
Atomic Robo Vol.6 - ... and the Ghost of Station X
Forget volume 1 - is the perfect place to start your adventures Atomic Robo, as each collection stands out in any order of reading. In this tale, Robo only hope to save the astronauts caught in a rapidly deteriorating orbit. And when he gets there? Things are going from completely doomed to Aaaauuuugh! Collects Atomic Robo and the Ghost of
Atomic Robo Vol.5 - ... and the Deadly Art of Science
1930: The young ATOMIC ROBO craves adventure and excitement for the lessons of its creator, Nikola Tesla. Meanwhile, the search for immortality mad scientist puts the entire island of Manhattan is in danger! It is forbidden to moonlighting team up with vigilance disappointed Robo / extremely reluctant mentor Jack Tarot, to put an end to it.
Atomic Robo Vol.4 - ... and Other Strangeness
Atomic Robo is facing an invasion of vampires measurement, there is a huge fire monster Kaiju in central Tokyo, traffic diversions in the South Pacific to fight to compete with Dr. dinosaurs, then comes face to face with his enemy new: his older opponent! Collects Atomic Robo: Revenge of the Vampire measurement # 1-4.
Atomic Robo Vol.3 - ... the Shadow From Beyond Time
It is 1926, when H.P. Lovecraft comes calling to warn Atomic Robo imminent death. But the shadow of time is spent in the future intersect with our world through the 20th century! The future of the history of the universe hangs in the balance as the team Atomic Robo with, uh, Atomic Robo in a last-ditch attempt to defend the reality! Collects

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