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After Eden #04
28 pages | 70 мb.

Tags: After Eden, Paul Ens
As Adam races to save Eve, she finds herself in the middle of a supernatural battle between demons and angels. But will the guardian angels forget their mission to protect mankind as they finally get a long awaited rematch against the fallen angel Satan?
The Howling - Revenge of the Werewolf Queen #04
Marsha Quist's scheme for vengeance enters a new phase, and the human body count continues to rise as Marsha tracks down the Hand of Akkara.
The Howling - Revenge of the Werewolf Queen #03
The web of secrecy surrounding the deaths of Chris Halloran's colleagues continues to unfold, while much needed help is provided by an old friend.
Noble #05
32 pages | 115.7 мb.

Tags: Noble, Lion Forge, Astrid Allen-Powell

Noble #05 (2017)

Publisher: New / Other
Black Science #32
31 pages | 89.5 мb.

Tags: Black Science, Rick Remender
“EXTINCTION IS THE RULE,” Part Two Grant spent his life rationalizing and avoiding his small, personal problems by trying to fix the grandiose ones. In his mind, this sacrifice is necessary. If he didn’t save the world, his family wouldn’t have a future. But now, even that has backfired, leading Grant to a showdown with a boundless army and
Atomahawk #0
41 pages | 164.7 мb.

Tags: Atomahawk, Donny Cates
Behold, puny earth things! A deluxe, oversized collection of the story originally serialized in Heavy Metal magazine, this is the complete adventure of the Cyberzerker and his mighty Atomahawk! Join them on their quest to free their imprisoned God, and find out why GRANT MORRISON calls it: "A screaming black hole feedback squall of death metal
Youngblood #06
32 pages | 112.6 мb.

Tags: Youngblood, Chad Bowers, Jim Towe
END OF STORY ARC “REBORN,” Conclusion This is it: the pulse-pounding finale of REBORN! They had a plan: exploit the Youngblood name for media attention. But what began as a shrewd publicity stunt ends in catastrophe, with Youngbloods old and new fighting for their lives against an enemy none of them were prepared for and the American public
The Wicked + The Divine #32
"IMPERIAL PHASE II", Part Four It's time for a "Wait—he's doing what? But he's...yes! No! Oh no! But then she did the—and WHATTAAATATAT? I think I'll sit down and have a cup of herbal tea" issue.
The Legendaries Vol.5 - Heart of the Past
Prince Halan, who was once engaged to Jadina, asks our five heroes to accompany him to the former stronghold of the wizard Darkhell. A disturbing concentration of magic is building up there, but who or what could be behind it? Seemingly friendly, the Prince appears to be doing his best to impress Jadina, but is there a darker ulterior motive to
The Legendaries Vol.4 - The Awakening of the Krea-Kaos
By drinking the philter of the Zar-Ikos, Elysio has once again become Darkhell, the black wizard. But moved by an internal strength he didn't know he had, he manages to expel the dark side of his nature. Elysio is saved, but the wizard is still free. Fortunately, the young boy still has some of his powers. Will it be enough to annihilate Darkhell?
The Legendaries Vol.3 - Brother Enemies
The Elven people, victims of the malefic plague, need help. For this mission, the King puts the Legendaries and the Fabulous, a new band of heroes, in direct competition. In the Elven lands, they witness a war between the Elves and another tribe, the Piranhis. And it seems that Darkhell, the dangerous black wizard, is behind all of it...
The Legendaries Vol.2 - The Guardian
It seems that Elysio, the mysterious friend of the five heroes, is in fact the famous dark Sorcerer Darkhell! Having lost his memory however, Elysio refuses to be believe that he is connected with such a figure of cruelty. But the "Zar-ikos" - demonic plant men - have decided otherwise and intend to refresh his memory. Will the Legendaries manage
The Family Trade #01
32 pages | 139.7 мb.

Tags: The Family Trade, Justin Jordan, Nikki Ryan
“THE FAMILY,” Part One Introducing an all-new ongoing series from the creator of LUTHER STRODE, SPREAD, and DEAD BODY ROAD! Steampunk, alchemy, and adventure meet the ocean. On an island city in a world where history didn’t quite turn out like ours, a hidden family of spies, thieves, and assassins makes sure that the world keeps going. Or they
The Dying and the Dead #06
38 pages | 68.4 мb.

Tags: The Dying and the Dead, Jonathan Hickman
“CLEAR SKIES, EXPECT RAIN” The team heads to Japan to talk to ghosts. Claire leaves the hospital for good.
The Divided States of Hysteria #05
32 pages | 114.1 мb.

Tags: The Divided States of Hysteria, Howard Chaykin
Five. Five. Five intent on committing a second unspeakable act of murderous terrorism. Five intent on avenging that first slaughter, then murdering that other quintet before its mission can be completed. And of course, it's a love story.
Retcon #02
31 pages | 104.5 мb.

Tags: Retcon, Matt Nixon
“SHADOW RUN” He is not a terrorist. He didn’t bomb the church, but it sure looks like it! Binder must find a way to convince the NYPD that he has become the target of a plot going all the way up to General Swan.

Retcon #02 (2017)

Publisher: New / Other
Jimmy's Bastards #04
30 pages | 39.6 мb.

Tags: Jimmy Bastards, Gender Fluid
Chaos descends on London as the mysterious Gender Fluid is suddenly revealed to the world, putting everyone—except Jimmy and Nancy, oddly enough—through some rather extreme changes. Daniella bites off more than she can chew, Sir X struggles to get abreast of the situation, and our hero finally comes face to face with the results of his life of
Galaktikon #02
25 pages | 63.8 мb.

Tags: Galaktikon, Eric Powell, Brendon Small
From Brendon Small, the man who brought you Dethklok and Metalocalypse! Triton finds himself in the clutches… or the therapy couch… of the Laser Witch!
Eternal Empire #05
33 pages | 47 мb.

Tags: Eternal Empire, Sarah Vaughn, Jonathan Luna
Rion and Tair risk their lives to save a group of workers in Imperial-occupied land.
Elephantmen #78
27 pages | 65.3 мb.

Tags: Elephantmen, Hip Flask, Jack Farrell
“EXTINCTION” Hip Flask and Farrell follow a lead out into the desert and face the grim reality of life for Elephantmen in 2260.
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