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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis Vol.1-5 Complete
5 issues pages | 925.0 мb.

Tags: Ultimate Comics, Spider-Man, Brian Michael Bendis, Marvel
The year's most-talked about story! Miles Morales IS the new Spider-Man! What's the secret behind his powers, and how will he master them? What new and familiar enemies will rise to challenge this all-new Spider-Man? And will Miles live up to Peter Parker's legacy? Also includes ULTIMATE COMICS FALLOUT #4, featuring the very first appearance of
Batman - Arkham City Exclusive Digital Chapter #1-7 Complete
7 issues pages | 200.0 мb.

Tags: Batman, Arkham City, Exclusive Digital, Exclusive, DC, DC Comics
While newly elected Mayor Sharp is the public face of Arkham City, the secret manipulator behind the scenes is the nefarious Dr. Hugo Strange. Sharp presents the walled encampment as Gotham's ultimate solution to crime, but Strange has a secret, darker agenda. He's recruiting his own security force--one that will answer only to him and whose
Disney Pirates of the Caribbean #1-4 Complete
Return to the world of Captain Jack Sparrow in these untold tales of pirate adventure on the high seas! After squaring off with Captain Barbossa in a cursed duel, Jack is back on the run. And while Admiral Norrington may have given Jack a head start on his escape, the chase is now on.
Disney - Pixar Cars #1-4 Complete
4 issues pages | 270.0 мb.

Tags: Disney, Pixar, Pixar Cars, Joe Books
Disney Pixar Cars fans will be racing to stores to pick up the first issue of this brand new comic series from Joe Books. Buckle up and hit the road with Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally, and more of your favorite characters from the hugely popular Disney•Pixar animated film.
Valerian and Laureline #1-21
21 issues pages | 1100 мb.

Tags: Valerian and Laureline, Valerian, Laureline, Europe Comics
1 The City of Shifting Waters 2 The Empire of a Thousand Planets 3 The Land Without Stars 4 Welcome to Alflolol 5 Birds of the Master 6 Ambassador of the Shadows 7 On the False Earths 8 Heroes of the Equinox 9 Châtelet Station, Destination Cassiopeia 10 Brooklyn Line, Terminus Cosmos 11 The Ghosts of Inverloch 12 The Wrath of Hypsis 13 On the
The Black Moon Chronicles Vol.1-3 Complete
At the center of the empire was the Oracle… The Oracle announced the coming of the one who would change the world. This is his story. One day, when Heads-or-Tails was out roaming the forest, he comes across a nameless man. He christens him Wismerhill, and from that day forth, the pair are inseparable. They start out on the road of adventure, and
Dark Shadows - Vampirella #1-5 Complete
5 issues pages | 150.0 мb.

Tags: Dark Shadows, Shadows, Vampirella, Dynamite Entertainment, Dynamite
Two classic vampires meet for the first time! When the disappearance of a family friend brings Barnabas Collins to , he is ill-prepared for the seedy underworld of clubs that awaits him! And Vampirella's quest to find the "Big Apple Butcher" sends her on a collision course with the vampire of Collinsport! Will Vampirella and Barnabas uncover the
DC comics week (14.06.2017, week 24)
23 issues pages | 1000 мb.

Tags: DC comics, free DC, DC week, 0 day DC
Collection DC Comics for 14.06.2017 (24 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. DC Comics - Bombshells 100 2. Scooby-Doo Team-Up 053 3. Suicide Squad 019 4. Red Hood and the Outlaws 011 5. Supergirl 010 6. Superwoman 011 7. Scooby Apocalypse 014 8. Scooby-Doo_ Where Are You 082 9. Martian Manhunter - Marvin the Martian Special 001 10.
Collection Marvel (14.06.2017, week 24)
26 issues pages | 1000 мb.

Tags: Marvel, free Marvel, marvel week, 0 day marvel
Collection Marvel Comics for 14.06.2017 (24 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. Vision - Director_s Cut 001 2. Zombies Assemble 003 3. X-Men Blue 005 4. Weapon X 004 5. Venom 151 6. Uncanny Avengers 024 7. Old Man Logan 025 8. Ms. Marvel 019 9. The Unbelievable Gwenpool 017 10. Marvel Universe Avengers - Ultron Revolution 011 11.
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