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Betty & Veronica Friends Double Digest #235
A lesson in fall fashion turns into an exercise in philanthropy in 'Really Gifted'! When Veronica becomes jealous of Betty's charitable acts, she has to make a decision: spend her money on looking good, or use her riches for doing good for others. The answer may surprise you! Read on to see what happens in this lead story to a fun-filled double
Betty and Veronica Double Digest #157
"Storybook Month" rolls on! In "Thumbelonica," Princess Betty finds a little girl living between the petals of a rose. But the tiny creature's bothersome ways drive the princess crazy, especially when it's discovered that the little one also has magical powers!
Archie & Friends - Bromances  #1
Betty and Veronica may be BFFs, but they're not the only ones! Riverdale's also home to a bunch of guys who pal around and watch each other's backs. Archie and Jughead, Moose and Dilton, Reggie and... Reggie..? These dynamic duos are so off-the-wall they have to be seen to be believed! Hang out with the boys in this 100-page digital exclusive book
Betty and Veronica #239
24 pages | 33.4 мb.

Tags: Betty and Veronica, Betty, Veronica, Archie, Archie comics
The paparazzi follow Veronica home to Riverdale from a movie premiere, and it isn't long before most of her friends are vogue-ing for the cameras, too! "Scrap Flap": Veronica has no interest whatsoever in Betty's new scrapbook hobby... until she meets the hunky scrapbook expert at the craft shop! "Dancing Fool": Inspired by a classic beach party
Archie's Joke Book Magazine Collection
At present these series collection: Archie's Joke Book Magazine 189, 191, 257, 262, 266, 268, 269, 270
Jughead #15
Riverdale High has been taken over by a nefarious outside force! Or has it? It’s up to Jughead and Dilton to get proof, but can the mysterious Captain Slackbeard show the way? It’s adventure on the high seas and in the classroom for the gang! Yar!
Archie #20
26 pages | 45.5 мb.

Tags: Archie, Archie comics
Archie and Jughead have been playing their instruments in Archie’s garage for a while, but now it’s finally time for them to take their talents elsewhere. Veronica suggests that the two form a band—assuming, of course, that she gets to be their lead singer. This bothers Betty, since music was a deep connection that she had always shared with
Riverdale #2
27 pages | 47.0 мb.

Tags: Riverdale, Archie, Archie comics
Set in the same universe as the hit CW series, Riverdale continues to reveal untold stories of the world's most famous teenagers. When five students from different social cliques (Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Josie) end up in Saturday detention together-will they kill each other or come together against the forces of evil that brought
Reggie and Me #5
44 pages | 77.4 мb.

Tags: Reggie and Me, Reggie, Archie, Archie comics
There is no one more loved, revered, admired and adored in Riverdale than... Reggie Mantle? Well, at least Reggie doesn't think there's anyone as loved and admired as himself. And his best friend can back that idea up-his best friend, of course, being his dog, Vader. The unstoppable duo is known around town for pulling the funniest pranks, getting
World of Archie Comics Double Digest #60
274 pages | 410.7 мb.

Tags: World of Archie, Archie, Archie comics, Double Digest
Archie and Chuck are decorating Chuck's house for Halloween with the cutest decorations in all of Riverdale... wait a minute, cutest? Halloween is supposed to be about spooky decorations and thrills behind every corner! Archie and Chuck set to take back Halloween as the scariest holiday of them all-with a little help from a bewitching friend. Will
Archie 75th Anniversary Digest #3
Celebrate Archie's 75th anniversary in a special way with this commemorative digest! This issue is jam-packed some of the best stories, bonus art pages and fun intros from writers, artists and fans alike. Each anniversary digest is a special collector's item for every Archie fan! Note: The digital edition (11/2/2016) for this issue was released
Tales From Riverdale Digest #12
'Summer Champ': It's off to summer camp for Dilton Doiley, but at Camp Copernicus, hiking, fishing, and canoeing are replaced by computer programming, chemistry experiments, and robot building. When Archie comes for a visit, he tries to teach these gifted and talented geniuses about traditional camp experiences, but it's Archie who learns a thing
Betty & Veronica Comics Double Digest #242
This time in “the Many Loves of Archie Andrews,” Archie has decided to set his sights on Sabrina the Teenage Witch! And, after being dumped by her long-time boyfriend, Harvey, Sabrina’s ready to move on—and our red-headed Romeo is just the mortal to do the trick! There’s only one person who’s standing in the way of true romance—actually, make that
Archie Through Time #1
103 pages | 146.3 мb.

Tags: Archie Through Time, Archie, Archie comics, Through Time
WHO is Archie Andrews? A caveman? A Roman emperor? An American Revolutionary soldier? He's all that and more! Join Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica on a tour through time as only Archie Comics can give. You'll see the sites in prehistoric times, learn how to rope and ride in the Wild West, and maybe even take a look into life in the year 3000!
Big Moose #1
43 pages | 73.6 мb.

Tags: Big Moose, Moose, Archie, Archie comics
Riverdale's resident jock gets the spotlight in this special one-shot where everything's Moose! Stories by Sean Ryan, Ryan Cady and Gorf with art by Cory Smith, Thomas Pitilli and Wilfredo Torres!
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