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Josie and the Pussycats #4
23 pages | 51.3 мb.

Tags: Josie and the Pussycats, Josie, Pussycats, Archie
Grab the latest, surefire, top-of-the-charts new Riverdale series! Friends, countrymen, lend me your long tails and ears for hats - the Pussycats are back! In this series kick-off, Josie's getting the band together to help achieve her dreams of musical stardom. But for the group to last, it needs a strong foundation of friendship and trust. Can
Archie #377
49 pages | 69.6 мb.

Tags: Archie, Archie comics
The Skin Game Archie has taken to wearing a Davy Crocket-style raccoon skin cap. It's bound to make waves at school, but will it rub his fellow classmates the wrong way?
Archie #375
39 pages | 69.3 мb.

Tags: Archie, Archie comics
Awesomely Awkward The title says it all! Archie is a total klutz, but that might just save his life one day!
Jughead #188
37 pages | 65.7 мb.

Tags: Jughead, Archie, Archie comics
Jughead #144
48 pages | 68.6 мb.

Tags: Jughead, Archie, Archie comics
Archie #43
23 pages | 30.5 мb.

Tags: Archie, Archie comics
Archie #16
29 pages | 49.1 мb.

Tags: Archie, Archie comics
Archie and Jughead have been playing their instruments in Archie’s garage for a while, but now it’s finally time for them to take their talents elsewhere. Veronica suggests that the two form a band—assuming, of course, that she gets to be their lead singer. This bothers Betty, since music was a deep connection that she had always shared with
Archie 75th Anniversary Digest #2
Celebrate Archie’s 75th anniversary in a special way with the first installment of this BRAND NEW commemorative digest series! This issue is jam-packed some of the best Archie stories, bonus art pages and fun intros from writers, artists and fans alike. Each anniversary digest is a special collector’s item for every Archie fan!
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