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Gold Digger #227
26 pages | 25.6 мb.

Tags: Gold Digger, Gina Diggers, Fred Perry
Gina discovers an apparently empty warp pocket in Lunar orbit, cloaked by countless anti-detection enchantments. She peeks inside, only to encounter three eternal inmates from an ancient magical prison. With Gina captured, they can now break free and renew plans of universal conquest...if they can just remember how to use their powers!
Sherlock Holmes Steam Detective Case Files - The Five Napoleons
In the Londinium neighborhoods, a series of objets d'art, homaging a special piece of French imperial technology, have been snatched and smashed. When one of the owners is slain, however, the steampunk sleuth knows he is dealing with more than an overzealous art critic.
Super N.H.S.
29 pages | 38.4 мb.

Tags: Super N.H.S.
Gold Digger X-Mas Special #09
35 pages | 37.3 мb.

Tags: Gold Digger X-Mas Special, Fred Perry
If you get them to spread the yuletide joy or just grab some goodies and his Grinch-cast Gold Digger here to bring a smile to your face for the ho-ho-holidays!
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