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Angor Vol.2 - Mansiouran

Angor Vol.2 - Mansiouran

  • Other publisher
  • Pages: 44
  • 2017 year
  • English comics
  • Size: 76.4 mb.
  • Tags: Angor Soleil
TO ESCAPE FROM THEIR MISERABLE EXISTENCE, THREE TEENAGERS TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR DESTINY. Three teenagers, Talinn, Evrane, and the very young Corky, live in a small village in the vast Kingdom of Angor. As members of the lowest caste, their future is all mapped out; they have to till the soil and raise livestock alongside their parents. However, all three dream of chivalry, adventure, and freedom. But if they want to be masters of their own destiny, they have to leave the City, no matter the cost.

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