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Cannibal #4 (2017)

Download Cannibal #4

Year of release: 2017

Pictures: 32

A BRAND NEW SERIES! From New York Times bestselling writer BRIAN BUCCELLATO & JENNIFER YOUNG, CANNIBAL is about the denizens of a small Everglades town desperately trying to hold onto their everyday lives at the dawn of a cannibal pandemic. With no cure in sight, the region has become split over what to do with the victims, though for Cash and

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Marvel Free Previews Monsters Unleashed #1 (2017)

Download Marvel Free Previews Monsters Unleashed #1

Year of release: 2017

Pictures: 34

A free 40-page standalone book, inside you’ll be treated to creator interviews, character designs, previews of the main series plus select tie-in issues and much more! Try out all the monster madness before it hits stores throughout the first few months of 2017! The heroes of the Marvel Universe unite as the Avengers, Champions, Guardians of the

Tags: Marvel Free Previews Monsters Unleashed, Marvel Free Previews, Monsters Unleashed, Marvel, Free Preview

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Collection Marvel (04.01.207, week 53) (2017)

Download Collection Marvel (04.01.207, week 53)

Year of release: 2017

Pictures: 16 issues

Collection Marvel Comics for 04.01.2017 (53 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. Avengers 003 2. Captain America - Sam Wilson 017 3. Champions 004 4. Deadpool the Duck 001 5. Doctor Strange - The Punisher - Magic Bullets Infinite Comic 005 6. Hawkeye 002 7. Marvel Universe Avengers - Ultron Revolution 007 8. Marvel's Guardians of the

Tags: Collection, Marvel, free Marvel, 28.12.2016, week 52

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Haunted Horror #25 (2017)

Download Haunted Horror #25

Year of release: 2017

Pictures: 46

Join special guest host Mike "The Howler" Howlett for this sordid selection of Pre-Code Horror screamers! Artwork from Basil Wolverton, Sid Check, the Iger Shop and other horror masters bring you eight envelope-pushing tales of grue and gore from the days of yore. The twist here is that all of these stories were redrawn in the 1970s by the slimy

Tags: Haunted Horror, Drazen Kozjan, IDW

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Classics Popeye #53 (2017)

Download Classics Popeye #53

Year of release: 2017

Pictures: 32

Here’s another pow-packed issue of our sailor boy’s adventures. The first comic is called just “Popeye!” The second long, hilarious, tale is “Strong Man.” Then there’s a story, “The Easy Way,” where Olive wants her sweetie to stop his ruffian ways and become a genteel artist. Hilarity ensues. “Tiger Tale” will elicit plenty of “ARFs” as will the

Tags: Classics Popeye, Popeye, Swee'Pea, IDW

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