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Island #12
71 pages | 111.5 мb.

Tags: Island, Farel Dalrymple, Brandon Graham, Other comics
Fourth issue of the OVERSIZED COMICS MAGAZINE. This issue introduces new work by GAEL BERTRAND and a new chapter of FAREL DALRYMPLE's Pop Gun War.
Green Valley #2
29 pages | 44.8 мb.

Tags: Green Valley, Valley, Other comics
The knights of Kelodia are the finest in the land, but they’ve never faced a power like the one that resides in the Green Valley... MAX LANDIS (Chronicle, American Ultra, Superman: American Alien) and GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI (Amazing Spider-Man) welcome you to the world of Green Valley… where nothing is ever what it seems.
Bandette #14
21 pages | 31.8 мb.

Tags: Bandette, Daniel, Madame Revolver, Robin Hood, Monkeybrain
A new chapter begins in a brilliant career Bandette, the greatest thief in the world! Scarlet dressed young adventurer enjoys a little light entertainment in the theater, and leaves with a priceless treasure that can hold the key to the mystery of a legendary: the secret of the house green mask! However, while the Absinthe and the cartel offense,
Collection Marvel (09.11.2016. week 45)
Collection Marvel Comics for 09.11.2016 (45 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. All-New X-Men 015 2. Amazing Spider-Man - Renew Your Vows 001 3. Avengers 001.1 4. Black Panther - World of Wakanda 001 5. Captain America - Steve Rogers 007 6. Daredevil 013 7. Deadpool - Back in Black 03 8. Invincible Iron Man 001 9. Marvel Universe
Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #13
Earth’s immortal soldier thought he knew pain… And then he entered the depths of his enemy’s “LABYRINTH”… The mysterious figure known only as the Dying One is on a mission to unlock the secrets of the Eternal Warrior’s immortality…and the only way he can accomplish it is to kill him over and over again! Trapped at the heart of a miles-long
Gotham Academy - Second Semester #3
GOTHAM ACADEMY is back with an all-new storyline for its second semester! When you’re Olive Silverlock, winter holidays can be a drag. Luckily, when a new student shows up at Gotham Academy to keep her company while the other students are away, Olive finds what could be a brand new friend…or a whole lot of trouble!
A&A - The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong #9
33 pages | 64.2 мb.

Tags: A and A, The Adventures of Archer, Armstrong, Valiant
ALL-NEW JUMPING-ON POINT! A VALIANT TALE FOR THE AGES! This ain’t no ordinary team-up… It’s Archer & Faith’s first date! A&A’s whirlwind ongoing series is hitting the town with the one and only FAITH! With Armstrong on the road, Archer is taking some much-needed personal time…and bringing his long-distance Romance with Los Angeles’s number-one
Belladonna #2
41 pages | 60.5 мb.

Tags: Belladonna, Mike Costa, Other comics
The all-new Belladonna epic begins here! It's the story of a Viking warrior and her army of shield maidens in a century of massive upheaval in the Celtic north. Belladonna uses her ferocious bloodlust and supernatural strength to wage war against the cruel Picts and mythical beasts, surrounded by a bleak and unforgiving landscape. But bloodletting
Back to the Future #14
OUT OF TIME! Marty’s been Doc Brown’s assistant for a couple years now—but that doesn’t mean Doc shares his secrets. Clandestine dealings with Libyans and a mysterious stainless-steel car are bad enough… but what else is Doc keeping to himself? Plus, Doc may not have been the first person to visit the past, but he made up for it by being the very
DC week – The New 52 (09.11.2016, week 45)
16 issues pages | 637.7 мb.

Tags: Collection DC, The New 52, DC comics, 0-Day Releases, new dc comics, DC week
Collection DC Comics for 09.11.2016 (45 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. Action Comics 967 2. All Star Batman 004 3. Batgirl and the Birds of Prey 004 4. Batman '66 Meets Steed and Mrs Peel 012 5. Deathstroke 006 6. Detective Comics 944 7. Doom Patrol 003 8. Earth 2 - Society 018 9. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 08 10.
The Forevers #2
36 pages | 54.9 мb.

Tags: The Forevers, Other comics
Live fast. Live forever. Five friends struggling on the brink of stardom sacrifice everything in a black magic pact that brings them all the wealth and glamour they ever wanted. Years later though, the "glow" is fading. But when one of them dies, and they feel a surge of magic rise amongst them, they soon realize that they all share in the power
The Shield #4
33 pages | 64.9 мb.

Tags: The Shield, The Shield comics, Other comics
"Daughter of the Revolution," Part 3. Captured by Walter Chase, the Shield is made a surprising offer-an invitation to join his government organization, protecting the country as she was born to do. But as her new missions take her well beyond national borders, the truth slowly dawns and the Shield must face the ultimate question: does she serve
Strain - Mister Quinlan - Vampire Hunter #3
The origin of Mr. Quinlan! A vampiric abomination seeks to destroy the monster that sired him. Born as a mistake of a powerful vampire known as the Master and raised in the brutal gladiatorial arenas of ancient Rome, Mr. Quinlan must survive long enough to carry out his mission when his target begins hunting him. Go back to the beginnings of a
The Adventures of Augusta Wind - The Last Story #4
Beginning the five-issue conclusion of this epic, all-ages fantasy! With a malevolent entity about to un-tell every story ever told, erase every character ever imagined (including you!), it’s up to Augusta Wind, Mr. Snabbit, the Omniphant and Upton Snuff to stop the Story Killer and save the Storiverse. But weird worlds, bizarre creatures and
Sons of Anarchy - Redwood Original #4
For the first time anywhere, read the untold story of how a young Jax Teller, 18 years old and fresh out of high school, decides to prospect his dead father’s—and his current stepfather’s—MC, the Sons of Anarchy. The only all-new, original ongoing story for fans of Sons of Anarchy. Under complete supervision of SOA show creator Kurt Sutter, the
Resident Alien - The Man with No Name #3
A stranded alien hides in plain sight, posing as a doctor in Patience, Washington. After he accidentally shows himself to federal investigators who are on his trail, a mysterious arsonist and a stubborn agent arrive in town to heat things up! Peter Hogan (2000 AD, Tom Strong) and Steve Parkhouse (Milkman Murders, Doctor Who) continue their unique,
Namesake #1
40 pages | 51.6 мb.

Tags: Namesake, Boom
Steve Orlando (Midnighter, Virgil) brings us his only original series of 2016, a gripping story about the nature of identity. Once every seven years, Earth overlaps with Ektae, a world where alchemy is not pseudo-science but the driving force of industry. For seven days, Ektae breaches our world, bringing dirty magic and ideas. Jordan Molossus
Jungle Fantasy - Ivory #4
All-new monthly series! Hot on the heels of the smash JFan hit Vixens, we bring you the sexiest Jungle Fantasy to date with Ivory! Trying to survive on a dinosaur-filled planet is even more challenging when you are on your own, but Ivory gets by on her wiles and wits as she hunts for her abducted family. This first issue features a gigantic tale
Black #2
36 pages | 54.5 мb.

Tags: Black, Other comics
IT’S HERE! The comic that blazed through Kickstarter during Black History Month 2016. In a world that already hates and fears them – what if only Black people had superpowers. After miraculously surviving being gunned down by police, a young man learns that he is part of the biggest lie in history. Now he must decide whether it’s safer to keep it

Black #2 (2016)

Publisher: Other
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