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Lady Mechanika – Lost Boys of West Abbey Vol.1 #2
Lady Mechanika's investigation into the deaths of "undesirable" children in Mechanika City triggers an unexpected reaction from her subconscious self. But are they truly lost memories finally surfacing after so many years, or just simple nightmares?
Exlibrium #04
36 pages | 57.4 мb.

Tags: Exlibrium, Nataliya Devova, Other comics
...And the door will open "Exlibrium" (from the Latin 'ex libris', "of the books" and 'equilibrium', "balance") - a magic seal that helps the mysterious order of sorcerers to guard the border between the real world and the world of fiction. For many centuries members of the order have been successfully preventing creatures from the works of art
Z-Men #4 - Home of the Grave
Dead and/or alive. LBJ orders the Secret Service to bring him back a Zombie. This should be easy. With the U.S. in PA, solely as advisors, the Air Force drops 300,000,000 tons of advice on Evans County.
Will Eisner's The Spirit #12
36 pages | 42.5 мb.

This exciting and action-packed climactic issue of Dynamite’s critically acclaimed series, finally finds The Sprit in the merciless clutches of the criminal warlord, Mikado Vaas! At last, this mysterious villain has stepped forward to save his daughter, Sachet Spice, and to wreck his ultimate vengeance on one of Comicdom’s most famous and iconic
Vampblade #5
28 pages | 39.1 мb.

Tags: Vampblade, Vampblade comics, Action Lab
Katie Carva continues to discover more about the Vampblades, but a girl’s gotta eat, so why not dine and slash?! Just when she thinks she’s figured out how to take on the invisible-but-deadly Glorkian face-feeders, they go and get all next level on her!
The Witchfinder General #6
The Nine Great Witches prepare for the "end of all things!" Can Drew and Annie's ragtag force of demons, imps, vampires, and cats stop the witches and save the world?
The Centron Files Vol.1 - Weasel In The Henhouse
47 pages | 66.7 мb.

Tags: The Centron Files, Other comics
A gigantic megalopolis, Centron, suffers from three troubles: a rise in sea level and pollution due to climate change, a shortage of everything, and chronic overpopulation. That is why, every year, over 400,000 citizens, selected by the computer ATROPOS, are eliminated during what is called Egalitarian Control. A delicate mission entrusted to a
The Black Hood #11
28 pages | 37.6 мb.

Tags: The Black Hood, Duane Swierczynski, Valiant
“The Lonely Crusade, Part 2” The Black Hood has tracked down the “Crusaders”—a mysterious group of vigilantes who have vowed to clean the “scum” off the streets of Philadelphia. But their first encounter leaves our man beaten, humbled... and hungry for payback. The Crusaders, however, have some payback of their own in mind. Especially when they
Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #2
Steven is terrified by Pearl's story of the Glass Ghost and seeks help from an expert on all things weird.
Spring #4 - Level Up
Hot sun, hot babes, and the cold decaying flesh of the zombie horde. She wore an itsy bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot the Apocalypse. It's co-eds vs. the undead. The only thing worse than disappearing under the water is being left behind.
Soul #4 - No Saint's Day
137 pages | 114.9 мb.

Tags: Soul - Free Fall, Soul, Ben, Chief McClelland, Other comics
The posse shoots to kill, but Ben survives. Too bad it's all downhill from here. As the tale unwinds, Chief McClelland and the posse suspect that Ben may not be telling them the whole truth. And they might be right. Good thing Ben has a hard head. If at first you don't succeed, die, die, die again.
Slab #4 - Doctor's Orders
183 pages | 172.9 мb.

Tags: Slab, Other comics
Even a Brain a-day can't keep this doctor away. Things get weird in the lab when Dr. Grimes feeds a zombie sandwiches, all in the name of science. Bring out your undead... Bring out your undead... I'm not undead yet!
Satan's Hollow #04
23 pages | 56.3 мb.

Tags: Satan's Hollow, Sandra Ward, Joe Brusha, Zenescope
Something evil drew Sandra Ward back to Blue Ash, Ohio. Something dark calls to her from the woods known as Satan's Hollow. In the tunnels beneath the hollow unspeakable acts are being committed...strange rituals and sacrifices...all with one open the gate to hell.
Robyn Hood - I Love NY #1
24 pages | 39.9 мb.

Tags: Robyn Hood - I Love NY, Robyn Hood, Zenescope
Kicking off a new chapter in the life of everyone's favorite female archer. On her own for the first time in years Robyn goes back to what she knows and loves…taking cases that pay little and make her life a living hell! New villains…new adventures…and a new creative team bring you this can't miss new series that will show Robyn as you've never
Rise #4 - Born Against
They're coming to get you, Barbara. An old story with a new end and a new beginning. Johnny and Barbara escape from the undead, live through the night, then pick up a hitchhiker on their way home. No good deed goes unpunished. Johnny blacks out, then goes to the kind of hospital where patients check in but never check out.
Rick and Morty #15
After being goaded into an argument with Jerry about the 'noble nature' of sport, Rick takes Jerry and Morty to the biggest game in the Galaxy, where parents bet on their children as they fight to the death in a giant murdertorium! And Morty gets a front row seat! Will Rick save Morty in time to prevent him competing? Will Jerry manage to elude
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