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X-Men Masterworks Vol.4
The latest and greatest title in the juggernaut that is Marvel Masterworks! Collecting the original tales of Marvel's merry mutants, MARVEL MASTERWORKS: THE X-MEN VOL. 4 presents the long out-of-print stories from X-MEN (Vol. 1) #32-42 for the first time in thirty years! This is the original X-Men: ReLoad featuring the team's first new costumes
X-Men Masterworks Vol.3
The original X-Men battle Count Nefaria and his super-villain army; face the menace of the Locust and Kukulkan; meet their new member Mimic; and puzzle over the mystery of Factor Three and their agents, Ogre and Banshee. Reprints X-Men #22-31, the adventures continue! Includes the debut of many other Villains such as Locust, Cobalt Man, Puppet
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