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Winter Soldier - The Bitter March #05
Winter Solder dead - yes zdravstvuet Tanks! Conclusion, terrible decision that will forever change Ran Shen! Witness the birth of a man who will one day destroy Steve Rogers! Enter: The Iron Nail!
Winter Soldier - The Bitter March #04
Can the Red Room to keep the Winter Soldier under control after Bucky consciousness begins on the surface? S.H.I.E.L.D. Shen Ran agent continues its desperate struggle to save the woman, which is the key to the Cold War. HYDRA, S.H.I.E.L.D. Winter Soldier and all play a role in creating a monster that will one day break Captain America!
Winter Soldier - The Bitter March #03
SHIELD Agent Ran Shen vs Winter Soldier with the fate of the Cold War in the wings! Top Agents Hydra settlement High-spy-fi action in powerful style of Marvel!
Winter Soldier - The Bitter March #02
Solid Shen Ran agent responsible for maintaining the two most important people in the world in the United States. The only thing in his way is the Winter Soldier. And the only thing in the way of the Winter Soldier is an elite squad of Hydra run Cassandra and Madame Chancellor Worm. Rate pace, high adventure, sex, murder, intrigue, this 1960
Winter Soldier - The Bitter March #01
1966 : With Nick Fury is missing and presumed dead , global espionage agency SHIELD sends secret agent Ran Shen collect two Nazi scientists with the key to determining who wins the Cold War. But Americans are not the only scientists who want a high value . Tips opened Red Room , releasing his most dangerous operatives - Winter soldier who
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