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Winter Soldier - The Bitter March #01

Winter Soldier - The Bitter March #01

1966 : With Nick Fury is missing and presumed dead , global espionage agency SHIELD sends secret agent Ran Shen collect two Nazi scientists with the key to determining who wins the Cold War. But Americans are not the only scientists who want a high value . Tips opened Red Room , releasing his most dangerous operatives - Winter soldier who unbeknownst to the world, is presumed dead partner , Captain America , Bucky Barnes ! Brainwashed soldier mission : to get scientists and by any means , or kill them if they fall into the hands of the Americans . This classic style of the '60s, high-octane spy pulp said at the peak of the Cold War should Ran Shen and his frightened scientists as they crawl out of the shadow of East Berlin. Intrigue , adventure, romance and murder abound consequences that destroy relationships in the modern Universe Marvel- including one with the Star Spangled himself Avenger!

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