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Widow Archives Vol.2
88 pages | 165.3 мb.

Tags: Widow Archives Drew Triggert Widow Mike Wolfer
On the streets of Philadelphia, someone - or something - is leaving a trail of shriveled, half-eaten corpses in its wake, and FBI agent Drew Triggert has a gnawing suspicion that the woman-spider Emma has returned from the dead! But when the tragic lovers are reunited, a desperate race for freedom begins as they are hunted by the entire
Widow Archives Vol.1
On a secluded, Caribbean island, a scientific genius has succeeded in his efforts to artificially accelerate the evolution of mankind, but the human/arachnid hybrid he has created could spell doom for all humanity. Presented for the first time in over 20 years, the introductory mini-series of Mike Wolfer's classic, indy horror heroine is collected
War Goddess #00-12 + Cover Pack Complete
14 issues pages | 560.4 мb.

Tags: War Goddess Hellina Nikki Pandora Widow
WAR GODDESS distinguishes Avatar press horror / action heroines Pandora , Hellina and widow as the central actors. New series reintroduces established " bad girl " character as the titular heroine of Pandora , as well as updates such fan - favorite characters like widows and Pandora for a new generation . Story written by a creative mind Mike
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