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War Goddess #00-12 + Cover Pack Complete

War Goddess #00-12 + Cover Pack Complete

WAR GODDESS distinguishes Avatar press horror / action heroines Pandora , Hellina and widow as the central actors.

New series reintroduces established " bad girl " character as the titular heroine of Pandora , as well as updates such fan - favorite characters like widows and Pandora for a new generation . Story written by a creative mind Mike Wolfer (Lady Death, gravel) is the introduction of completely new surface readers , they do not need any prior knowledge of the characters Pandora, Hellina Widow or to read the new series .

Describing the new direction for the character in the series Pandora WAR goddess , writer Mike Wolfer says, "We pick up the story many years after Pandora has fulfilled its long struggle be evil in the world it is released . Immortal Goddess of War resigned , but I came up with an entirely new threat to enemies and villains , as the Earth has ever seen , so it's a whole new war , which must be conducted . She probably hate to admit it , but Pandora can not fight this war alone. " The overwhelming threat to humanity posed in a series of other forces her to hire a female cult Fatales in its conflict .

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