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Union Jack #01-04 Complete
Spinning of Captain America , the Prime Minister of Great Britain super hero has mere hours to prevent multiple terrorist attacks on London from the army of super-villains ! UNION JACK leads Sabra and the new Arabian Knight into battle! But when his boss at MI5 risks innocent lives to bring down the enemy , Union Jack faces a tough choice - and
Union Jack #01-03 Complete
When Can an actor named Joey Chapman inherited the mantle of the Union Jack , the defense of Great Britain , he also inherited the tradition , rooted in the First World War - a tradition for which he risked his very life , battling the forces of evil ! Now, as the vampire clan haunts the streets of London looking for an ancient artifact of untold
Revolutionary War - Knights of Pendragon #01
Part 3 of "Revolutionary War” Corporate Position deep mining unearths old CAPE-TECH base, where magical cloning experiments took place. What secrets or monsters waiting in underground bones UK? Thanks fan favorite Marvel UK characters Dai ​​Thomas, Pete Wisdom and the Union Jack!
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