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Stray Bullets Vol.6 - Killers
A little boy learns too late that running your mouth can get you run over. A young babysitter gets in way over her head when when she's hired to sit by a dangerous man to with a strange request. A young couple's hopeful visit to the city turns anything but when they step into the middle of a mob turf war and watch more than just friends die. And a
Stray Bullets - Sunshine & Roses #01
Balls lasts from the beginning of a whole new arc of history! Sunshine and roses on violence, love and really bad decisions. Baltimore criminal world is falling apart at the seams and blood shed. Where and when things went for Dogs can be traced to a time a few years ago when a man named Harry ran the city, Spanish Scott and the Monster of
Stray Bullets Vol.1 - Innocence of Nihilism
With the return of stray bullets, it's time to roll out the "Resolution of the arc of history" deals influential masterpiece David Lapham in crime .... This is their story. Follow the lost lives of people who brutally torn apart by events beyond their control. As an innocent girl crumbling world of imagination when she sees a brutal double murder.
Stray Bullets - Killers #01
One of the best crime series ever returns ! When Gary Goldsmith and his young son Asa involved in a fatal hit and run of the night goes from bad to worse when their horrible deeds witnessed a disturbing stranger. Find out where thirty dollars a dirty diaper , and a girl named Delicious tell about the true meaning of life in a small story we like
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