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Stray Bullets Vol.1 - Innocence of Nihilism

Stray Bullets Vol.1 - Innocence of Nihilism

With the return of stray bullets, it's time to roll out the "Resolution of the arc of history" deals influential masterpiece David Lapham in crime .... This is their story. Follow the lost lives of people who brutally torn apart by events beyond their control. As an innocent girl crumbling world of imagination when she sees a brutal double murder. Or introverted young boy on the verge of manhood gets a lesson on how far is too far when he falls in love with a needy woman who lives life in the fast lane. Or a party with a pair of low-rent hoods who learn about what's really important in life only when they should not. And even know the history of the most notorious gangster who ever lived, Amy racecar, who speaks with God, lunches with the president, and just might be responsible for the end of the world. Here are some of the stories that will tear the guts and break your heart. Collects stray bullets # 1-7.

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