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Shield #1-2 Complete
2 issues pages | 28.9 мb.

Tags: Shield Archie comics
The Red Circle (4 issues)
4 issues pages | 84 мb.

Tags: The Red Circle Inferno Hangman Shield Web
- The Red Circle - Inferno - The Red Circle - The Hangman - The Red Circle - The Shield - The Red Circle - The Web
Shield / Steel Sterling 1-7 series) Complete
This series lasted 7 issues, with the title changed twice. Published by Archie/Red Circle. For this series Issues 1 & 2 were titled: Lancelet Strong, The Shield. Issue 3 was titled: The Shield/Steel Sterling, and issues 4-7 were titled: Steel Sterling. This was the 80's revival of the Silver Age Shield created by Simon & Kirby. It was done at the
The Original Shield (1-5 series) Complete
5 issues pages | 70 мb.

Tags: Original Shield Original Shield comics Original Shield
This series was published by Archie/Red Circle in 1983, featuring stories of the original classic Shield character. It ran for 4 issues, and there is a fifth issue that was never published, but has sine been released digitally. This series should not be confused with other series called The Shield or have the word Shield published by the same com
Shield - Wizard (1-13 series) Complete
13 issues pages | 348.4 мb.

Tags: Shield Wizard Shield Wizard comics Shield Wizard
When Archie decided to change the formats of their anthology books to humour and give more attention to the most popular heroes from them, they created the new anthology book Shield-Wizard comics, featuring full length tales of The Shield, previously the star of Pep comics, and The Wizard, The previous star of Top-Notch Comics, together in one
Legend of the Shield (1-16 series) Complete
The early 90's revamp/revival of the classic Archie comics character The Shield. Published by Impact comics. In this one a new Shield, Michael Barnes, an American soldier, is recruited by a secret government project to wear an experimental suit of armoire that makes him impervious to weapons and become a heroic American icon and public face for
Kitty Pryde-Agent Of SHIELD (1-3 series) Complete
3 issues pages | 31.4 мb.

Tags: Kitty Pryde-Agent Of SHIELD Kitty Pryde-Agent SHIELD
G. W. Bridge and two S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents of land on the island of Muir , intending to recruit Kitty Pryde for one mission : the computers on board the Helicarrier become immune , but they show that Kitty is the only person they can recognize . Despite the wishes of Pete Wisdom , Kitty agrees to help SHIELD as a trainee agent. Dum- Dum Dugan and
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