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Kitty Pryde-Agent Of SHIELD (1-3 series) Complete

Kitty Pryde-Agent Of SHIELD (1-3 series) Complete

G. W. Bridge and two S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents of land on the island of Muir , intending to recruit Kitty Pryde for one mission : the computers on board the Helicarrier become immune , but they show that Kitty is the only person they can recognize .

Despite the wishes of Pete Wisdom , Kitty agrees to help SHIELD as a trainee agent. Dum- Dum Dugan and Countess Valentine Kitty brief on the situation, and she went to work closely with AI specialist trainee Rigby Fallon. Before they get very far, Ogun reveals itself as a body for the out of control computers , and his recent tenure Lady Death taught him how to infect the scheme.

Ogun , the reasons Helicarrier drift through Manhattan is dangerous, and , in imitation of Kitty, Wolverine phones to come to her aid , and in his trap .

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