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The Unwritten - The Unwritten Fables Vol.9
Worlds collide and unwritten fables in a comic epic events of the unwritten # 50-54, as the terrible enemy has already captured a fabulous home and our world. In desperation, the witch must call Fabletown worlds greatest magician ever seen.
The Unwritten #54
Grand Final "Unwritten Tales" is here! Those who survived the Fabletown began their final assault on the castle of the Dark and has been broken. Their king died and their champions have won. But the fight is not over until the wicked witch says it is, and Frau Totenkinder still has plans for Tom Taylor and Boy Blue. Unfortunately, the treatment
Fables #134
This question is an interlude in his favorite hunting forest Bigby Wolf, who is the Platonic ideal deep dark forest. In fact, it's so perfect in every detail, it can not exist in real life. Rather, what we had to say, it can not exist in this life. But it would work well as a paradise for wolves in the afterlife. And so it is.
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