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Queen Sonja Vol.5
139 pages | 76.5 мb.

Tags: Queen Sonja Red Sonja Luke Lieberman
Since then, she took the throne Sogoria, Sony journey was leading to something more. Her small kingdom throw off the shackles of the empire only to see terrorism, rebellion, and finally, cruelty Thulsa Doom. Starved, shocked, and close to despair, people Sonya now in open revolt against his rule. She turns to the only wealthy Baron levy taxes and
Queen Sonja Vol.4
140 pages | 75 мb.

Tags: Queen Sonja Red Sonja Thulsa Doom Arvid Nelson
Red Sonja is safe, finally, the queen tiny nation Sogaria. Rebel princes, emperors greedy, cruel intrigues she passed them all. But a new danger rises from the depths of the earth itself. Thulsa Doom hated nemesis Sony was rotting in the Stygian darkness and nursing his feud with the flame-haired Queen Sonja to smite him there many years ago. Set,
Queen Sonja Vol.3
117 pages | 52.8 мb.

Tags: Queen Sonja Red Sonja Luke Lieberman
Before she was a warrior Red Sonja was a wild child in the desert Hyrkanian, before she ran an empire Emora, she stole through the streets pah-Disha. Running from the pain of her bloody origin she gambles his life recklessly. Surviving these rough years taught her to fight, hunt, steal and kill. They did not teach her one more thing, that her gift
Queen Sonja Vol.2
140 pages | 73.5 мb.

Tags: Queen Sonja Red Sonja Arvid Nelson
After an exciting outdoor adventure all-new, all-different Queen Sonja, Dynamite proudly presents a new chapter in the saga Devil With a Sword! Thanks dynamite debut writer Arvid (Kull) Nelson and artist Jackson (Avengers / Invaders) Herbert, Sonia finds herself gently on the throne and in front of a new and deadly threat from within ... and
Queen Sonja Vol.1
Red Sonja life! Dynamite Entertainment presents a bold new direction for the mother of all soldiers, Red Sonja! Under the direction of writer Joshua (Death Dealer) Ortega, Queen Sonja # 1-5 (collected here along with a complete cover gallery) also has a return of artist Mel Rubi! Sonia finds herself with more than she expected, she takes the
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