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Queen Sonja Vol.4

Queen Sonja Vol.4

Red Sonja is safe, finally, the queen tiny nation Sogaria. Rebel princes, emperors greedy, cruel intrigues she passed them all. But a new danger rises from the depths of the earth itself.

Thulsa Doom hated nemesis Sony was rotting in the Stygian darkness and nursing his feud with the flame-haired Queen Sonja to smite him there many years ago. Set, the evil god Thulsa, refers to him, promising him to take revenge if Doom release of their god from the ancient prison. You can be sure, Thulsa up to the task, and when set free, all hell breaks loose in Sogaria. But what about the mysterious plans Set hiding from Thulsa Doom? How about Red Sonja? She does not give up his kingdom without a fight!

Queen Sonja Volume 4 of the paper trade collects issues # 16-20 ["The Son of Seth" storyline], along with a complete cover gallery!

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