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Quantum and Woody #12
34 pages | 46.8 мb.

Tags: Quantum and Woody Quantum Woody James Asmus
Beaten! Bloody! Bamboozled! Quantum and Woody took the battle directly to the enemy - the mind-science clique called Radical Acquisition Edison and their mysterious, terrible new leader - and he struck the ass! When these rogue biologists (and robotics) to get their hands (and ROBO-claws) on their new subjects laboratory, Quantum and Woody as well
Quantum and Woody #011
34 pages | 58.6 мb.

Tags: Quantum and Woody Quantum Woody
Q + W = dead! Insane super-scientists radical absorption Edison back! Well ... it is those who are not dead, anyway. (Or those who were dead, and ... uh, back?) WHO? mysterious new leader calling the shots? AND HOW? Quantum and Woody will survive a second fight against robots in 1980, mad vivisection and evil astronomers who almost killed them the
Quantum and Woody #10
32 pages | 50.9 мb.

Tags: Quantum and Woody Quantum Woody
Quantum and Woody - against the world ... or against each other? Woody always had a weakness for the ladies ... and when old love lures goofus gang mad-scientific super-criminals, Woody flips back to his old wicked ways! What effect has a sweet girlfriend Woody clone? And now it's his brother Eric, who is not that sure he even wants to be a
Quantum and Woody #09
30 pages | 46.8 мb.

Tags: Quantum and Woody Quantum Vincent Van Goat Woody
Brand New CAR ! Start reading HERE! The worst thing in the world of superhero team welcomes fan favorite artist Kano (Swamp Thing, Gotham Central) on board to stop the last evil on the streets - work! Eric needs to know that he can trust Woody - and this means that Woody should get a job, open a bank account , sign up for a library card , and do
Quantum & Woody #08
CHARGE! Quantum and Woody Magnum security against ... for all the marbles! Who would have suspected that the employer Quantum Mr. Magnum and his private security company were up to no good? So now potential victims of violence and greed Magnum rally around our fabulous heroes to defend their heavily fortified, heavily armed mountain town. These
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