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60 pages | 158.1 мb.

Tags: PsychoKiller Pat Mills
ARE YOU READY FOR IRRIGATION demonic? Dr. dead, PsychoKiller, can help you with your problem. Writers Pat Mills and Tony Skinner deliver a dark, terrible and funny tale of demonic infestation, lavishly illustrated by Dave Kendall.
Requiem Vampire Knight - Resurrection Vol.1
Resurrection - a dark and twisted world where evil souls reborn as monsters and all this in reverse order: working backwards progress forbidden, and evil good. When Heinrich Augsburg, a German officer who fought on the Eastern Front would be killed, he is reborn into this corrupt reality as one of the vampire elite. Renamed Requiem Vampire Knight,
Crisis #01-63 Complete
63 issues pages | 2270 мb.

Tags: Crisis John Smith Pat Mills
The crisis was experimental Fleetway comics launched in a bid to tap the growing market for more mature and political comics in the late 1980s. Companion title to 2000AD, the crisis lasted 63 issues (plus a handful of deals). His early success also saw the release of the second spin-off title, Revolver (though it's only got seven books before they
2000AD 1877
Five new stories specifically designed to give new readers an easy place to start reading 2000 AD continues this week! "Judge Dredd", "release", "Slaine", "Wicked Dexter" and "Jaegir" are some of the biggest names in comics, including John Wagner, Dan Abnett, Gordon Rennie and Pat Mills!
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