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All-New Captain America - Fear Him Infinite Comic #01-03
Hungry villain returned to feed the fear of the city. It is up to all of the new Captain America and Nomad curb your appetite ... what could be easier if they were not always in each other's throats.
Young Men #04-28 Complete
25 issues pages | 745.8 мb.

Tags: Young Men Dorma Grand Director Jim Hammond Namor Nomad Tha-Korr Toro
Boys began as the name of romance based on the name Cowboy Romances for 1, 2 and 3. Then it became a military base named after the young men of issue 4 ( even add " battlefield " to his name to several questions) Release 24 when it became revived the name super hero. The changes reflect changing moods comic readers of a particular era. The problem
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