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All-New Captain America #06
Baron Blood against Captain America, Hydra won the war and atrocities Zemo before. Sam Wilson earn their stripes - single greatest sacrifices in their lives - and it will never be the same. End of the first story arc that forms the basis for the next century Hydra.
All-New Captain America #05
Begins the countdown to the great alignment. Planet Hydra, but it is provided. Captain America is our last hope.
All-New Captain America #04
Hydra initiates the next step in their scheme, millions of innocent souls hang in the balance. Cap is broken and nearly dead from the operation of the new Hydra, as it can remove the combined might of the cobra and Armadillo in time to stop the great leveling? A mysterious woman from the past is back!
All-New Captain America #03
This is it! New generations meet - Captain America against sin, the daughter of the Red Skull! However, with regard to blood leveling disclosed, but the spread of Hydra is too wide, there's no stopping them now. Nomad rises against the ruthless power of one of the oldest enemies of the CAP!
All-New Captain America #02
New Hydra formed, composed of the most ruthless villains Marvel Universe as a great infiltration continues! Cap reveals the ultimate goal of the new Hydra, but it's too late to stop them? Cap and nomad new partnership will be put to the ultimate test as they race to uncover the sect live!
All-New Captain America #01
This is it! Brand New, Spy-Fi, highflying adventures of Sam Wilson Captain America and Nomad start here! Hydra grows, the terrorist group has infiltrated Marvel Universe completely! But what is their ultimate goal? United Hydra, gallery robber cap are going to make a new untested Captain America and Nomad!
All-New Captain America - Fear Him Infinite Comic #01-03
Hungry villain returned to feed the fear of the city. It is up to all of the new Captain America and Nomad curb your appetite ... what could be easier if they were not always in each other's throats.
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